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Todays boost is brought to you by Bring


This morning started as so many before it, characterized by daily routines. Still half-asleep when getting in the shower, walking the dogs and then on to the subway. However, the elevator ride to the office was a bit different this morning.

We were multiple people getting on, and the elevator was eager to close the doors and get on its way. The consequence of this eagerness was the doors putting my colleague in a squeeze, and suddenly his coffee was everywhere. With half his cup spilled on the floor, this was not a good sign for the day to come.

A Bring employee was also in the elevator, delivering flowers to one of the offices. When a few people had gotten off and the elevator was a bit more spacious, he squatted down and said, “I think I have some napkins in my pocket. A clean elevator is a lot nicer”. He cleans it all up with a big smile, and I compliment him as best I can before leaving the elevator bound for my office. This certainly already made the day better!

Small experiences are the big experiences

Initiatives like Bring showed here means a lot for the bottom line. I do not know if bring always deliver at the correct time and best price, but compared to their competition they have a big advantage: They have great employees. My guess is they both hire the right people, and work hard on their service mindedness.

Can Retail deliver surprises in the same way?

A shopping experience worth coming back for is in reach. What if stores at the mall bag the goods, bring it around the counter and hand it to the customer? Or the mall manager could take a few moments out of his day to put on a nametag and thank customers on their way home. Possibilities are many at the mall, and there are at least one per customer.

Thank you to the Bring employee who delivered flowers at Wergelandsveien 7 today. You are an inspiration!