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Retail Agency

The retail landscape is transforming faster and faster. Online sales are rising and people are looking for more experience during shopping. Trends are not limited to land borders and have become international. And with the advance of Food & Beverage the street scene is changing. This has consequences for owners of retail property and retailers.

Are you an owner looking for branches and brands that perfectly match the location of your retail property? We bring you in contact with inspiring retailers. Or would you like advice on the retail mix that is most suitable in your shopping area? By means of a clear sector plan we look for the store formulas that respond to the wishes and needs of the local and regional consumer.

Are you looking for a retailer to a retail space in the Netherlands or even abroad? We use our network to find the right location for you at the right price. Or do you want advice about your retail concept? Together we discuss the trends and developments to make your formula future-proof and to seize opportunities.