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Consumers trends are changing at a rapid pace. A strong product offering is no longer enough, it is all about experience. For this reason shopping areas are changing into places where visitors can relax and meet each other.  This has a huge impact on retail real estate.

Do you want to realise sustainable value growth? Are you planning to buy or sell retail real estate? Is your shopping centre outdated and no longer able to meet current market demands? Or are you looking for the right retail spot and strategic advice on whether your concept is future proofed? We offer a creative solution and a coordinated approach.

News and Research

Babyboomers carve a hole in shopping streets

The convenience of online shopping has been discovered by the older generations.
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Repurposing retail into housing

The increasing retail vacancy rate offers opportunities to partly solve the growing housing shortage.
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District shopping center successful

In 15 years time, district shopping centers have undergone a major metamorphosis.
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