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Do you want to invest in hotel real estate, sell your hotel or develop a new hotel? Or do you want to know which hotel concept and brand best suit your location and know the value of your hotel real estate or -operation? Then we would like to talk to you. We offers a wide range of services within the sector. 

The experience economy is changing the hotel world like never before. In addition, the effects of the corona crisis have a huge impact on the hotel sector. Hotel operators are forced to think even more carefully about the wishes of their guests, the concept, the branding and the service level that match. Hotels are in full swing and that has a lot of impact on property owners and operators. 

Our services in the hotel industry

Are you looking for an operator for your hotel or as an operator looking for advice about a possible location? 

Lease transactions for a hotel are slightly different than for other sectors. The lease price depends on the operating income of the hotel and is therefore dependent on, for example, the location, concept, and operating model of the hotel. We can help you to sign a lease or management contract in line with market practise.
Buying and selling hotels is complex. The value of hotel real estate is related to the operation and that is why you have to consider many aspects in every hotel transaction.

With our broad knowledge of hotels and real estate, we can help you and manage the purchase or sale of the hotel. We do this not only for hotel real estate, but also for hotel operations.
Many questions arise when developing a hotel: which concept suits best, what is the opinion of the municipality and what are the wishes of the operators? What is the value of the hotel after completion and is the project financially feasible?

Are you planning to realize a new hotel or to transform an existing building into a hotel? We advise you on all issues surrounding (re)development, feasibility and financial impact. We know the wishes and requirements of both hotel operators and investors. Together with you we achieve the best result!
Not everyone can or wants to invest in hotels and that has a big impact on your options for hotel investments. Nevertheless, there are many creative solutions and we are happy to help with that.

We can advise you in your search for financial solutions for hotel real estate. This may involve finding debt and equity financing or arranging growth capital.
The hospitality sector requires specific expertise. We analyse your operations-related real estate and advise you based on our (inter)national benchmark.  We work closely with more than 250 colleagues in Europe, Middle East and Africa. This allows us to work quickly and deliver you a reliable and high quality appraisal on time.

Depending on your wishes, we can perform a Broker's Opinion of Value (BOV) or a full (certified) valuation. We do both for hotel real estate and operational entities.

For certified valuations we have specialists with a CIS Hypzert MLV certificate who are able to determine the Mortgage Lending Value of German Pfandbriefbanken.

Our research

8 Oct 2021

One international certificate and new legislation can accelerate the sustainability of hotels

The sustainability transition in the hotel sector is not getting off the ground fast enough. Hotel owners and operators often work independently from each other when it comes to sustainability.
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