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 The Dutch healthcare market is complex and in full swing. The impact of regulations on healthcare institutions is significant. In addition, the wishes of clients, family and employees are changing. It is therefore important that your real estate portfolio is in line with your vision. The future requires innovative concepts and transparent collaboration between healthcare institutions, housing associations, municipalities, investors, but also commercial parties. We therefore no longer speak of a building assignment, but an area assignment.

Everyone has a share in the future of healthcare. An inclusive community is central to our vision. Different forms of living, meeting, care, work and experience come together here. By making use of different expertise, we arrive at future-proof and sustainable solutions together.

Colliers offers a wide range of services and brings knowledge from different sectors. We assist you in drawing up a broadly supported and future-proof real estate strategy, think along with you in your sustainability task or take a sale or purchase process off your hands. Do you rent real estate as a healthcare organization, or do you own healthcare real estate as an investor? We speak the language of both worlds.

Colliers is a partner of Stichting Zorgvastgoed and wants to contribute to the exchange of knowledge and to stimulate meetings between parties.


Our services

Real estate is so much more than just bricks. It contributes to the identity of your organization, clients live there and employees work there. Everyone has a different interest in real estate. Based on your vision, we can draw up the real estate policy and strategy together with you.

We do this by starting with a strategic workshop, an analysis of your organization and the market, a description of the desired way of living and working and a scan of your current real estate portfolio. This is a manual that allows you to make choices that suit your organization not only now, but also in the future.
Feasibility is a broad concept. Is a new-build initiative financially feasible, is a plan technically feasible, are desired agreements legally feasible or is an investment in line with the expected market value? This is a selection of the possible issues surrounding feasibility.

Our experts in areas such as strategy, design, sustainability, finance, contracts, market research and facilities matters can advise you on the feasibility of your initiative.
Is your building outdated and no longer meets your wishes and requirements? Do you have a (partly) empty building and are you not sure what the best solution is? Or are you looking for opportunities to redevelop your property? We advise you on all issues related to redevelopment, renovations and furnishing.

We think along with new concept or plan developments and guide you in the tendering process, renovation or new furnishing. We give you substantiated advice and guidance so that your projects run successfully.
Would you like to know how to ensure your office accommodation matches the organizational goals and hybrid work demands of our time? Are you looking for new office space or do you want to reduce your accommodation costs? Do you want a great working environment or substantiated advice about what your facility services should look like? Whatever issue you have, we advise you with an integrated package of services.

Colliers is the market leader in benchmarking housing, work environments and facility costs. We have the largest real estate and facilities database in Europe. This database has data on 3,650 buildings, more than 33 million sqm and more than 1.7 million FTEs.
Healthcare institutions have never been obliged to have valuations carried out on the basis of market value. This will change as a result of European regulations. Do you need a real estate appraisal? For your financing or for the approval of the annual accounts? We will provide you with a well-substantiated valuation as soon as possible that provides immediate clarity. Or are you looking for insight into the value to support (investment) decisions or to clarify the effect of ground lease? Then we provide an extensive advisory report.

You will receive a clear explanation of how the value is determined. We work with all known calculation models and also have our own developed model: the Automated Valuation Model. All our healthcare real estate appraisers are qualified and registered with the NRVT and the NVM. Colliers is of course a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. This gives you the assurance that the report meets the highest quality requirements.
Buying and selling real estate is complex. Direct personal contact with investors is crucial to achieve a successful transaction. Thanks to our local, national and international network, we know exactly who potential buyers and sellers are. Because we have our own research department, we can quickly gain insight into the local market and make optimization proposals. This is essential for a sound sales strategy.

Are you looking for a suitable operator for your building? Do you want to rent out part of your building? Or do you want to rent yourself? We can guide you through this process. Together with you, we assess the building's strengths and areas for improvement, and we can assist you in the negotiation process and lay it down in the contract.

We also give you insight into the wishes of potential tenants and landlords and ensure that you can respond well to them. It is important that in tenant-landlord processes, parties understand each other's language. We know the world of healthcare and that of investors.
As a healthcare organization you may have joined the Greendeal healthcare. Or maybe you have formulated your own ambition in the field of sustainability. Whatever your ambition, the sustainability requirements for buildings will become increasingly strict in the coming years.

Our sustainability experts can help you transition to a sustainable real estate portfolio. That is why we offer several services. We can advise and guide you in making your buildings more sustainable, or we can certify your portfolio with BREEAM and WELL. In addition, we have developed the office more sustainable and we will soon be launching our healthcare real estate more sustainable. With these tools we visualize the effects of sustainability on the value of your real estate and the impact on your operation.



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