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Flash engagement survey

Do your employees or clients suffer from “survey exhaustion”? Does too much time pass between the research period and the discussion of the results with your supplier? Do you want to collaborate better with your suppliers in further improving the offered service levels?

Customer experience plays an increasingly important role in the assessment of your facility services’ quality. It is also one of the most important KPIs in supplier contracts. The Colliers Flash engagement survey offers quick and clear feedback. No long and general questionnaires for your employees or clients, but direct feedback via a touchscreen. It only takes 30 seconds.

A strategic approach
Unlike most existing surveys, we start with your business strategy. The organization’s goals are translated into a vision on facility experience. Which experience do you want to offer and how are you and your suppliers going to realize that? Together we determine the set of questions that will give you the right insights.

Integration with user data
The results become even more insightful when combining it with data about visitor numbers, work schedules, building occupancy rates and contract information in KPIs and SLAs. This provides you with a management tool to implement real improvements that positively impact the engagement.

Fast reporting
The technology used enables us to quickly analyze the results and draw up a report. Within in week after the survey’s completion you will receive the report. In a meeting with you and your supplier we determine improvement areas and action points. And how you can share the results with the employees, your own facility team or clients. We can also integrate the results into a performance management dashboard in which we combine this data with the KPIs on costs, quality and sustainability.

What can you expect from us?
The Flash engagement survey allows you to measure continuously in an easy way, wherever and whenever you want. Even adjustments during the survey are possible. This way of measuring gives you the opportunity to create an ever-learning organization. Would you like to know how to integrate engagement surveys into your facility strategy? Our Facility Management Consultancy team is happy to assist you.