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Facility Management Consultancy

Consumer needs are changing rapidly and this affects the way facility management departments operate. Employee expectations of hospitality, the work environment and facilities are higher than ever. Facility companies must respond swiftly to these changes as an engaged workforce plays a crucial role in the success of every company. 

How does your facilities management match the identity and strategy of the organisation? How do you organise agile and result driven facilities management? How do you gain insight into the performance of your suppliers, the facility costs and contracts? And how do you continuously measure employee satisfaction? 

Service offering

Facility management plays an important role in the satisfaction of employees and customers. That is why it is essential that your hospitality concept fits the strategy and identity of the company. This creates unity in the service provision and ensures that strategy and service strengthen each other. Based on an analysis of your strategy, we determine the impact on the various elements of facility management such as reception, catering, meetings and cleaning.

We review the current concept by mapping the employee and customer journey. Together we discuss the (mis)match between the current and ideal situation and formulate methods for improvement. Based on our reports, you can make a considered, future proofed decision.

Do you want to tender or renegotiate your facility contracts? We can advise you every step of the way and help you to draw up tender documents for outsourcing projects. You can opt for single services, where each service is separately outsourced to suppliers or for multi-services with a contract where multiple services are bundled into a single contract with one supplier. 

You can also consider a managing agent who will ensure the daily operational coordination and management of facility services. The most comprehensive option is integrated facility management, which is a contract with one supplier that is responsible for the complete facility services, including its management.
Do you want insight into the performance of your real estate and facility organisation? Our facility benchmark tool, Colliers Benchbase®, shows you at a Dutch and European level whether the costs, quality and service level, customer satisfaction and sustainability of your building(s) or organisation are in line with the Dutch and European market. You get a clear picture of the savings and improvement opportunities. 

Our benchmark is the largest and most reliable real estate and facilities benchmark database in Europe and has information on more than 34.2 million sq m VVO in 29 countries. Using this unique data set we make business cases and plan scenarios based on the best examples from the facility market.
Do your employees or clients suffer from ‘survey exhaustion’? Does too much time pass between the research period and the discussion of the results with your supplier? Do you want to collaborate better with your suppliers to improve the service levels? 

Customer experience plays an increasingly important role in the assessment of your facility services’ quality. It is also one of the most important KPIs in supplier contracts. The Colliers Flash Engagement Survey offers quick and clear feedback - no long, general questionnaires for your employees or clients, but direct feedback via a touchscreen.