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Workplace innovation

An inspiring workplace with the right balance between the office and working from home is essential for the success of your organisation. It influences culture, helps to attract talent and improves the wellbeing and productivity of employees. That is why it is important that your hybrid way of working and work environment fits with who you are or want to be.

Investing in workplace innovation is investing in people and therefore in your company. We translate your vision into a hybrid workplace concept. This concept describes where, when and how your employees will be working in future.

Our interior designers translate the workplace concept’s functional requirements into a layout and design that reflects your business, paying attention to shape, colour, light and sustainability. We will guide you through the stages of the process step by step with you and your employees. In this way, everyone plays a part in realising the new concept and design.

News and insights


Trend 2019: pairing

Coworking and corporates will work closely in the new phenomenon pairing
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Office costs increased by 3%

In Europe the average costs increased by 3% in the past year, in the Netherlands by 7%.
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Trend 2019: Gig workplace

No more permanent employees, but people who work for multiple companies at the same time
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