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Property Management Retail

Consumers are transforming the retail landscape. The way they shop, eat & drink, deal with their free time has dramatically changed over the last years. As shopping center owner, it is important to proactively respond to these developments and to work together with a real estate consultant who knows the market through and through. A partner that provides integral real estate advice based on data about visitors, the shopping area and the surrounding area. This way you can realize sustainable value growth of your real estate.

Our service offering

We take care of your operational real estate management. Our financial, technical and commercial services are aimed at achieving the goals and ambitions that you set for real estate. We proactively look for opportunities within your shopping center or real estate portfolio to contribute to your return targets.
We give advice on the retail mix that best suits the positioning of your shopping center the wishes of its visitors. We also connect you with inspiring retailers who strengthen the shopping area as a whole and contribute to the experience of the center.
Food & Beverage plays an increasingly important role in the success of shopping areas. Consumers are increasingly looking for an experience and a well-thought out F&B strategy within the area is therefore necessary. We give you advice on which concepts best suit your visitors and the wishes they have.

Marketing plays an important role in the customer experience. How does your shopping center stand out in the market? What is the target group? And how can consumers be surprised? Our analyzes, positioning vision and long-term plans are aimed at strengthening the market position and attracting the right customers for your shopping center. On behalf of you and your tenants, we take care of the further implementation of the plans to transform the shopping center into an experience center.

Management of Owners Associations specializes in managing split ownership. This service unites the owners involved and works from common interest. The financial and technical services are focused on the optimization of the operation and maintenance of the common part of the real estate.