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Asset Services Offices

Tenants and their employees largely determine the requirements that are set for an office. The property owner who both responds well to the current demand and future developments increases the attractiveness of the office building. And is thus assured of a sustainable return.

It is therefore important to work together with a real estate advisor who, on the basis of research, has insight into the development of the wishes of companies, employees and sustainability. And who also knows how to turn this into an integral real estate advice including optimization opportunities.

We take care of your operational real estate management. Our financial, technical and commercial services are aimed at achieving the goals and ambitions that you set for real estate. We proactively look for opportunities within your office building or real estate portfolio to contribute to your return targets.

We look for suitable tenants who perfectly fits the identity of your office building. We will give you insight into the wishes of potential tenants and show you how to best seize opportunities. This allows us to align your property with the wishes of future office occupiers.
Management of Owners Associations specializes in managing split ownership. This service unites the owners involved and works from common interest. The financial and technical services are focused on the optimization of the operation and maintenance of the common part of the real estate.