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Rotterdam residential market

Rotterdam is popular as a residential destination. Especially young households flock to the city’s center area because of the affordability and the trendy look. In Amsterdam and Utrecht they easily pay 4,300 to 6,500 euros per square meter for a living space close to the center. In Blijdorp the price is only 3,150 euros per square meter. This substantial difference mean that more and more people see Rotterdam as the most attractive city in the Randstad.
Schiedam hot for people from Rotterdam
Despite the fact that many “Randstad” households are moving to Rotterdam, the average homebuyer in Rotterdam is looking for a place of residence outside of the city. Almost 6 out of 10 sellers are leaving the city. Particularly striking is the destination they choose. Before they mainly went to Capelle aan den IJssel, Ridderkerk and Barendrecht. Now Schiedam is the place to be with 7% of sellers choosing this city as their new residence.

Many more new houses
Thanks to the strong influx of new households, developers see an opportunity. In one year, the number of building permits granted almost doubled. For the first time more houses will be built in 2018 than the annual expected household growth predicted by the Dutch statistics bureau. The popularity of Rotterdam is not even included in these figures yet. As a result, the number of households will grow more than expected. In the next two to five years it is necessary for the municipality to look for new residential locations.

Rotterdam deserves a compliment. By allowing the construction of high-rise buildings, the demand can be accommodated for a large part within the city. A strategy that works. The homes that are built in the city center are a good alternative to existing homes in the center. In other large cities, a solution is sought in urban expansion. A new home in the outskirts is no real alternative for households who prefer to live downtown. This is leading to a shortage in city centers, with higher prices as a result.