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Office market Eindhoven

Eindhoven faces a major challenge: creating new high-quality offices in the city centre. There are too few offices available that meet the current needs of companies. In addition, only one in three available offices has the right energy label, so companies ignore it. A total of 30,000 to 50,000 m² of new office space is needed to meet demand.

Centre favourite, Flight Forum growth zone municipality
The downtown area is popular. Almost half of the new companies opted for office space in the city centre. As a result, the vacancy rate has dropped to 7.6%. The consequence is that the shrinking supply now leads to higher rents and it is expected that these will rise to 200 euros per square metre in the short term.
The municipality has designated Flight Forum as a growth zone and alternative for the centre. The intention is to develop 50,000 m² of office space here. A striking choice, because the demand for office space here is less great. Some companies have also established themselves here, while they prefer to rent in the centre. However, there is not enough office space available to accommodate all companies. The mismatch between supply and demand lies mainly with the location, but also with the quality.

Lack of large floors and sustainable offices in the centre
Quality is not only about a modern look and extensive facilities. Large open floors and a sustainable building are at least as important. Companies are increasingly working with a workplace concept in which open floors are central. There are only two office buildings available in the centre that meet this criterion. Companies are also consciously working on making their activities more sustainable. Only one in three available offices is ready for 2023 and has at least energy label C. The risk of this is that companies can eventually move to another city.

30,000 to 50,000 m² of office space needed
Several companies are currently looking for a total of 25,000 m² of office space in the city centre. It is therefore good that investors are directing the development of new office buildings close to the station. There are still large redevelopment locations available here, such as the Beursgebouw and the southeast side. The development of offices is at odds with the construction of housing. Due to the shortage of housing in the city, extensions are also needed in this area. The current plans for the station area are mainly focused on large-scale housing, which is a missed opportunity. As a municipality, it is important to keep control over the correct development of the area. It is expected that at least 30,000 to 50,000 m² of office space will be needed to meet future demand. This may have negative consequences for the Flight Forum in the short term, but it is still better for the city to facilitate the economy in the city centre.

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