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Logistics market Amsterdam

The logistics market shows parallels with the office market: a shortage of high-quality real estate at the right locations. The available supply has decreased in eight years from 600,000 sqm to just over 200,000 sqm Of this, 90,000 sqm is outdated and the remaining 110,000 sqm is insufficient to facilitate the annual demand from companies. In addition, the municipality of Amsterdam has opted to convert business locations into residential locations. These developments lead to a shortage of at least 350 hectares of business parks in the city. This is apparent from a report by real estate advisor Colliers International.

Replacing commercial space for houses
The transformation of Oostenburg, Food Center Amsterdam, Houthavens, Buiksloterham, Hembrugterrein and Over-Amstel will lead to a decrease in the number of business parks. The municipality's structural concept states that approximately 150 hectares of industrial sites within the ring road will be transformed into a mix of housing, work and facilities. In addition, 350 hectares in the Western harbour area will disappear due to the construction of 40,000 to 70,000 houses. A total loss of 500 hectares. Outside the ring road there is a planning capacity of 150 hectares. This creates a shortage of 350 hectares of business parks, while the demand for decent locations will grow sharply in the coming years. This is due to the growth in parcel delivery, construction activities and the supply of the hotel and catering sector.

New construction and redevelopment necessary
To cope with the growth of the logistics sector, redevelopment of existing sites and the construction of new sites is necessary. Within the ring road, there are opportunities for multifunctional buildings at the locations designated by the municipality for transformation. A combination of housing and business space can be seen in London, for example, near King's Cross station and close to the city center. To realize this in Amsterdam, it is important that the municipality proactively steers towards the creation of multifunctional buildings. It is necessary to record this in tender procedures and changes in the zoning plan.

In addition to the planned 150 hectares outside the ring road, new locations in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area must be sought and designated. To determine at which locations to use, an important task is reserved for municipalities that are represented here. Rapid consultation is necessary to facilitate the flourishing sector.