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The rise of the 'Woke Workplace'

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Workers in the twenties want to be employed by organizations that are "woke" and do the right thing for people, society and the environment. Only in this way are you able to stay employer of choice. The workplace makes being woke credible and tangible.

Growing awareness
Woke stands for a growing awareness of social inequality and the willingness to change this with respect for the differences in the world. Think of themes such as the income differences between men and women, women at the top, responsible banking, not investing in weapons, #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, diversity and #flightshame.

The ideal employer
Recently the discussion about the ideal workplace flared up again due to the KRO-NCRV program De Monitor. According to the program, open office plans cause fatigue and loss of concentration and therefore more absence. On the other hand, there is hardly any discussion on what the ideal employer is. In the future, you will no longer be able to separate workplace from the employer. The upcoming Generation Z in particular is critical when selecting an employer. Companies therefore can no longer remain neutral in social discussions.

Being woke is important for a company to remain relevant for employees and consumers, but it must be genuine, credible and appropriate to business operations and the working environment. This affects the entire strategy of the organization, such as equal opportunities for men and women, inclusiveness and diversity in application procedures, maximum effort to reduce the carbon footprint and the stimulation of physical and mental health.

The rise of the 'Woke Workplace'

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