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Delftlanden best-rated vinex neighborhood, IJburg the worst

Vinex neighborhoods are becoming increasingly popular. Residents live here happily and are willing to pay more a more for an owner-occupied house. In the meantime, housie prices in half of the 25 Vinex neighborhoods of the biggest municipalities exceed those of the city. Delftlanden in Emmen is the most popular Vinex district in the country while IJburg in Amsterdam is at the bottom of the list. 

Delftlanden considerably more expensive than Emmen
If we look at the difference in house prices between neighborhood and the city, Delftlanden ranks the highest among the Vinex neighborhoods. People are willing to pay as much as 25% more per square meter to buy a house in Delftlanden than in another part of Emmen: almost € 2,000 compared to € 1,560. 

Oosterheem in Zoetermeer and Zuiderburen in Leeuwarden complete the top three ranking. Here, the prices are more than 20% higher than in the city.

Popularity Waalsprong Nijmegen on the rise
The Vinex neighborhood with the largest leap in value since 2008 is Waalsprong in Nijmegen. In that year, the price for a home was almost € 300 per square meter below the level for the rest of the city. The attractions of the neighborhood have now been recognized and prices are almost € 270 above the level in the city. It is clearly very much in demand.

Leidschenveen in The Hague and De Held in Groningen are the numbers two and three on this list. In both cases, house prices have increased from below the city level then, to reach levels far in excess of them now: around 3% more.

Not all Vinex districts equally successful 
IJburg in Amsterdam is the least popular Vinex neighborhood in the country. The price difference compared to the rest of the city has risen to more than € 1,500 per square meter. This clear difference shows that, for many Amsterdam residents, IJburg is not seen as an alternative place to live.

Haagse Beemden in Breda is also underperforming and is ranked in 24th place when you compare prices in the city with those in the Vinex neighborhood. The price difference has increased to € 620 per square meter, up from just € 243 in 2008. Being quite isolated, Haagse Beemden is not an attractive prospect as an alternative place to live for many inhabitants of Breda. 

Focusing construction on residents
So what should developers do to focus construction on residents and ensure that the Vinex districts become a success? Firstly, it is about ensuring that the neighborhood is well-connected with other parts of the city, making the homes a genuine alternative for potential buyers. This is something IJburg is lacking. In addition, an analysis of house prices can reveal the type of houses that residents need most. Homes with the highest price per square meter are the most popular ones. Developers can respond and capitalize on this.

In order to create successful neighborhoods, it is therefore essential to think from the perspective of the residents. This will enable Vinex neighborhoods that are still less popular than the city to become more attractive in the future.