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Appeal of five biggest cities to multinationals

As Brexit approaches, more and more companies are moving their operations to the Netherlands. According to the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA), no fewer than 60 businesses moved here in 2018, with another 38 added this year. To assess the chance that the five major cities will attract relocating businesses, a benchmark has been developed using five main categories and 26 elements that are decisive in international businesses’ choice of location: labor market, economic power, living environment, accessibility and office market.

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Dré van Leeuwen

Executive Director Capital Markets & Agency


Dré is Partner, Executive Director Capital Markets & Agency and member of the board at Colliers. He  is responsible for Capital Markets in the sectors offices, retail, industrial& logistics and residential. Besides his responsibility for Capital Markets, he is also responsible for the Agency Departments offices, retail and industrial & logistics at Colliers.

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