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The office complex called “Bolduc” is one of the most prominent buildings in the business park ‘De Herven’. The attention value, recognisability and accessibility are optimal for both employees and visitors.

De Herven is a high-quality mixed business park, located directly at the A2. It has a total size of 130 hectares and consists mainly of an office cluster, residential boulevard and car dealers. This ensures, among other things, various catering establishments and shops in the immediate vicinity. The office cluster is located at the entrance of ‘De Herven’ and is therefore easily recognizable and visible, also from the highway.

“Bolduc” is a striking and modern office building that consists of four special and sustainable buildings, each with its own character, and measures 22,500 m² in total. The two towers (building B and C) offer large contiguous office floors. And office units from 33 m² are available in the lower V-shaped building section (building A). This mix creates dynamism and offers various options for both (flexible) growth and shrinkage. So there is always a suitable solution to be found. Think of a fixed base with a flexible shell as a supplement.

The building has its own parking garage, bicycle shed and brasserie, called Bolduc Café, which provides daily lunch and other catering options. In addition, the site is surrounded by water and lots of greenery.

The available office spaces are located in building C and because of the many windows, the office spaces have a unique view over the office cluster, nature reserve “De Heinis” and the A2. And some well-known tenants in the area are SAP, Panasonic, Quintiq, Dymensis and Enexis.

Surface Area
The total building is approximately 22,500 square meters

Building part C
• Approximately 1.800 sqm office space on the ground and first floor
• Approximately 611 sqm office space on the second floor
• Approximately 611 sqm office space on the third floor
• Approximately 611 sqm office space on the fourth floor
• Approximately 610 sqm office space on the eighth floor

In total approximately 4,243 square meters available
Partial letting from approximately 300 square meters 

It has a very good parking standard of 1:30 sqm with various charging points for electric cars, scooters and bicycles. The parking spaces are located in the adjacent parking lot and on the parking deck. In addition to this, an extra parking lot will be realized. And from the parking lots you can easily walk to the office buildings, which are both accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

• Office space: € 145.- per sqm per year, excluding VAT
• Parking place: € 650.- per parking place per year, excluding VAT

Service charges
€ 40.- per sqm per year, excluding VAT

Energy rating
The building has energy rating A

Level of delivery
The office space is among others provided with:
• Common entrance
• Elevator installation and staircase
• Air treatment installation with triple ventilation and top cooling
• Mechanical ventilation in toilets and pantries
• System ceilings with recessed lighting fixtures
• Flexible plastic partition walls
• Enamelled aluminium frames with insulating glazing. With heatresistant and reflective glass on the sunny side
• Provided with tilt and turn windows per 3.60 meter grid
• Separate women’s and men’s toilets per floor per wing
• Pantry with built-in appliances per floor per wing
• Three compartment cable ducts with two electrical wall sockets, as well as two data connections per 1.80 m¹ grid
• Heating by radiators, equipped with thermostatic valves per 3.60 m60 grid
• ATES installation (Heat and Cold Storage)
• Weather-dependent control with optimization installation
• Fire prevention by means of fire hose reels and manual notification at each reel
• Nacelle installation for maintenance and cleaning facade
• Hydrophore installation
• Restaurant with catering
• Parking garage
• Parking deck

By car:
Approximately 1 minute to the A2
Approximately 4 minutes to the A59
Approximately 7 minutes to the A65

By public transport:
Approximately 15 minutes to the Central Station
Approximately 2 minutes to the nearest bus stop

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