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Suikersilo-West & Oost Halfweg - #1
Suikersilo-West & Oost Halfweg - #2
Suikersilo-West & Oost Halfweg - #3
Suikersilo-West & Oost Halfweg - #4
Suikersilo-West & Oost Halfweg - #5
Suikersilo-West & Oost Halfweg - #6
Suikersilo-West & Oost Halfweg - #7
Suikersilo-West & Oost Halfweg - #8
Suikersilo-West & Oost Halfweg - #9

The 50-meter high Sugar Silos are SugarCity's showpiece. The towers used to serve as a sugar storage for the adjacent sugar factory, nowadays the Suikersilos house ultramodern business units and showrooms. SugarCity offers an inspiring environment where (creative) companies, agencies and fashion brands can present themselves optimally. Thanks to the creative entrepreneurial atmosphere, there is a nice dynamic among themselves.

• Energy label A
• Unique workplace in an official landmark
• Modern, light units
• Panoramic view
• Inspiring and creative entrepreneurial atmosphere
• Part of a unique area
• Excellent accessibility
• Closed car park
• Free visitor places
• Charging station facility
• Train station in front of the door
• ATES installation by means of ground heat (energy efficient)
• Three glass elevators per Silo
• Decorative concrete ceilings of 3 meters high (!)

The sugar factory in Halfweg opened in 1863. Beets were processed here into sugar until it was closed in 1992. The sugar silos served as a sugar storage facility. With the closure of the sugar factory, approximately 110,000 m² of land area became available for conversion; the site that nowadays goes by the name SugarCity. The two 50-meter high sugar silos, together with the lime kiln, form the beacons of this site. The Silos each consist of two concentric concrete cylinders, which turned out to be perfect for a conversion into creative business spaces. Sustainability was at the top of the redevelopment into commercial spaces and showrooms. The original construction has been reused. The masonry outer walls on the ground floor have been removed, revealing the concrete main supporting structure and showing how beautiful these colossi stand on their narrow legs. The facade has been kept abstract and scale-free by applying a diagonal pattern of diamond-shaped windows across the entire facade. The sugar silos have energy label 'A', which uses sustainable energy installations such as a thermal storage (heat and cold storage).

De Suikersilos have creative business spaces and showrooms for rent from 171 square meter l.f.a. This is one fourth of a complete floor. The spaces are modular, (additional) renting is possible per quarter floor with the option to rent a complete floor. The total area per Silo is approx. 7,640 square meter l.f.a. (areas incl. 12% storage for general areas).

• 1 unit is approximately 171 square meter
• 1 floor is approximately 700 square meter

Business spaces and showrooms: from € 165.00 per square meter per year to be increased with the advance payment for service and electricity costs and VAT.
Parking space: € 1,000 per parking space per year, excluding VAT.

In consultation.

In consultation.

The Suikersilos are very easily accessible from Haarlem and Amsterdam via the N200. The N200 has a direct connection to the A9 towards The Hague and Utrecht.The location is also easily accessible by public transport. Halfweg-Zwanenburg Station is right outside the door. Four times an hour a train leaves here to and from Haarlem - Amsterdam.
Bus line 80 (Interliner) also stops right outside. Bus 179 stops at the Oranje Nassaustraat stop in Halfweg. This is also in front of the Silos.