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Nieuwe Emmasingel 24 Eindhoven - #1
Nieuwe Emmasingel 24 Eindhoven - #2
Nieuwe Emmasingel 24 Eindhoven - #3

Emma District in Eindhoven is one of the most new and high-profile shopping areas in the center of Eindhoven.

Emma District means shopping in a pleasant atmosphere through the combination of modern and classic architecture and the historic Admirant, the former Philips headquarters.

Leading in the center of Eindhoven and as the entrance to the Emma District shopping area is the Blob. De Blob stands for Binary Linear Object Building and is a characteristic and progressive building on the Emmasingel in the heart of Eindhoven. Emma District forms the connection between the Piazza and Vrijstraat shopping areas on the one hand. Emma District is situated parallel to De Demer.

A range of renowned retailers are currently located in the shopping area, including the following stores:

- Sissy Boy
- Vitamin Store
- Brown / Koffie Douwe Egberts
- Van Piere boekhandel
- Purdy
- Van Bommel Schoenen
- Lingerie Le Net
- Prénatal
- Hutspot
- The Sting
- Ace & Tate
- Vielgut – Piet Hein Eek - Emma
- Polestar,
- Mood Streetfood,
- Doppio Espresso,
- Lobster abnd Ox,
- Loqma

Surface area
approximately 241 sqm GFA.

In general, the leased property consists of a shell retail space. The object will be delivered in its current state:

- representative entrance,
- meter cupboard with its own water / electricity connections,
- toilet group.

Rental price and payment term
The rent is differentiated and partly depends on the size and location.

The starting point of renting and letting is a so-called VAT-taxed supply. If the VAT cannot be settled, the rent will be increased by an amount to be determined. The rental obligation must be paid per month by prepayment.

Service and promotion
The retail space has its own water and electricity connection, for which the tenant himself can conclude an agreement with a supplier.

Service costs apply to a number of collective matters, which depend on the size of the rented property. The tenant pays an advance on an annual basis, whereby a final settlement will be drawn up each year on the basis of the actual costs. We can provide you with a comprehensive overview of the applicable services.

There is also a collectivity for promotion, whereby each tenant contributes in the form of an advance payment to the costs and exploitation of, among other things, flower boxes, signage, advertising pillars, flagpoles, costs of center management, party lighting, promotional events, etc., etc.

Accessibility retail units supplies
The center is open until 11 a.m. for loading and unloading goods. Supply takes place mainly from the front.

The Emma District shopping area has a modern (public) parking garage located underneath the center, being Q-park garage De Admirant. The 358 parking spaces are available to consumers as paid parking, but also to subscription holders, including retailers.

Lease term, extension and cancellation:
A rental period is preferably 5 years, with an extension of 5 years each time.

Rent adjustment
The rent will be adjusted annually on the basis of the change in the monthly price index according to the consumer price index (CPI) series CPI-All Households (2015 = 100), published by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

The tenant will provide the landlord with a bank guarantee for at least three months' rent, including service and promotion costs ex VAT, before delivery of the rented property.

Model rental agreement
The starting point is a rental agreement based on the ROZ model. A number of specific object and landlord additions apply.

This retail space has an energy label C.

In consultation. Possible in the short term.