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RCE wants to open significantly more Loetje restaurants

Horecagroep Restaurant Company Europe (RCE) has not given up, despite the corona crisis. In addition to investing in the renovation of various restaurants in recent months, RCE will also open five new Loetje restaurants this summer, known for their tender tenderloin steak in gravy. RCE also has great ambitions for the Loetje formula for the coming year, with plans to open six to eight new Loetjes a year in the Netherlands.

In addition to Loetje, RCE is the umbrella parent company of more successful concepts such as Stan&Co, Beers & Barrels and various unique stand-alone locations. With more than 50 restaurants and cafes, they are one of the largest catering groups in the Netherlands. RCE aims to double this number within four years.

RCE is supported in the search for suitable locations by real estate consultant Colliers. "We are pleased with this great collaboration," said RCE CEO Sandra van Halderen, "Growth is the most important pillar in RCE's strategy. In Colliers we have found a solid real estate partner in attracting new locations to support the strategic growth of our company. business.”

Across the border
New locations are being sought throughout the Netherlands and specifically in the Central, Southern and Eastern regions of the Netherlands. This includes looking at the top 25 major cities, such as Den Bosch, Tilburg and Apeldoorn. With the ambition to become the largest catering group in Europe, potential locations in Belgium and Germany are also being looked at, in order to take the first step across the border.

“Together with RCE, we look for suitable real estate locations, where we can provide good support thanks to our multidisciplinary real estate knowledge”, says Etienne van Unen, Director Food & Beverage at Colliers. “RCE is a strong and healthy organization with great ambitions and we are happy to contribute to their further growth.”

Steak empire
Loetje is the largest concept within RCE with 26 locations. Where it started almost 45 years ago in a billiard cafe in Amsterdam South, Loetje has now grown into a national restaurant chain. Loetje's steak is no longer just a household name in Amsterdam, which has eight locations. Recently, the steak empire also opened in Enschede and Paterswolde (Groningen).

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Etienne van Unen

Partner | Director Food & Beverage | Co Head EMEA Retail


I am a specialist in the world where Food & Beverage and Retail cross paths. Partly due to my role as Head EMEA Retail, I am internationally and nationally oriented in all trends and developments and I am able to translate these into real estate issues.

I have been with the Colliers family since 2013. I laid the foundation for the Retail department. In 2018 I was asked to do the same for the new Food & Beverage department. With this I have shown to be innovative and innovative and to have entrepreneurship at heart.

Since 2018 I have also been a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF). Together with my role as Head EMEA Retail, the combination of these two platforms is a unique tool to serve our customers well with creative "out of the box" solutions and to always be at the forefront of innovative concepts.

Number 1 award Maxis Muiden Dutch Council of Real Estate
Number 1 broker Retail 2012 PropertyNL 88.000 sqm2
Number 1 broker Retail 2013 PropertyNL 84.000 sqm2
2015 Colliers Innovator Referral Award

2018 Co Founder "The Food Department", Shopping Center Magna Plaza Amsterdam

Also worked at: Gommers Consultants, CBRE (Shopping Center Management), Kompaan Vastgoed, WPM, Corio/Klepierre.

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Wiert Jan Siefkes

Director Food & Beverage


From 2006 to 2016 I worked for the HEINEKEN Brewery throughout the Netherlands as  Property and Asset Manager. In this role I was responsible for the leased and owned real estate of HEINEKEN. Main activities were a.o.; tenant and landlord representation, stakeholder management, negotiating lease and sale contracts, strategic acquisition of new properties (to lease or buy), strategic disposition of leased/ owned properties, managing lease and sale process and negotiating exit lease deals.


From 2016 to 2019 I worked for Starbucks Coffee Company as Business Development Manager Channel Licensing for the EMEA region. In this role I was a.o. responsible for development of Starbucks stores in the Travel (e.g. airports, roadsides and train stations) and Outlet shopping Centre Channel in cooperation with existing/ new licensees. Other activities we’re a.o.; onboarding new licensees, development of new markets for the Travel and Outlet Shopping Channel in EMEA, negotiating new Master Licensing agreements, market mapping, stores opening as planned and meeting sales estimations.


In October 2019 I joined Colliers. Since January 2022 I'm responsible for the F&B team. In this role I'm  responsible for the F&B department of Colliers and furhter expand our business in the Netherlands and abroad.

My specialties lies a.o.; wide understanding of the F&B (brands and concepts) and Real Estate business as a whole, understanding of F&B entrepreneurs/ brands and what information they need to decide how to grow their business and where, experinced in partnerships, franchising and licensing, understanding of level playing field on behalf of the entrepreneur/ brand AND landlord/ developer, how to represent a F&B entrepreneur/ brand and their needs (e.g. how should the ideal location look like and where it should be located), how to represent the landlord/ developer and share best practise (how to build/ brand a shopping centre/ street and use F&B as a tool to elevate the experience).

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