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Peter van Esseveld | Colliers | Den Bosch

Peter van Esseveld

Technical Manager

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Professional Summary

I started my career in 1979 at Wolter & Dros designing climate control installations for hospitals office buildings etc.

In 1984 I started working for the Ministry of Defence as an maintenance engineer responsible for heating an climate control systems in the military barracks and buildings.

From 2006 up until now, I work as an technical manager for WPM/Colliers, responsible  for properties of Primevest Capital Partners, Hoogvliet Vastgoed, VSDE Vastgoed, HIH, MN services, Actiam, Delta Property, Urban Interest, Delta Loyd, Deka, 

From 1999 until 2006 I worked for JLL as an technical manager responsible for properties of ING realestate, Achmea, Bayer Pensionkasse and several other investors.

n 1996 I started working for Bureau Rietmeijer, as an projectmanager and facility manager.

From 1986 until 1996 I worked for a small engineering company named Brian Goedtz, at first as an advisor / specialist in installation maintenance and later on as an projectmanager for renewal of installations, housing, redecoration etc.



Particularly during the last 20 years I have focussed on Property Management for both national and international clients.

My specific focus was on the technical and facility management aspects.

Aside, I have initiated and supervised many renovation projects on behalf of my clients.


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Primevest Capital Partners

VSDE Vastgoed

Hoogvliet Vastgoed



MN services,


Delta Property,

Urban Interest,

Delta Loyd,



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