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Ljuboff Kazakov | Colliers | Rotterdam

Ljuboff Kazakov


Senior Consultant

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Professional Summary

I'm a  360° design thinking (Senior) Workplace Consultant, specialized  at creating meaningfull places for our clients, using the intersection of strategy, people, marketing, product and brand as starting points. I believe that real-estate and workplaces can add to a company's result if executioned well. I'm driven by research, thoughtful insight, critical analysis and true empathy.

My experience ranges from global brands to (local) start-ups, helping them with the creation of engaging experiences. Creating a destination where people want to be instead of an office environment where they are merely expected to work is what I believe works best.

I started my career in the Industry working as a Key-Accountmanager in Education  at Ahrend in  2006. After almost 7 years I  started working as a sales and marketing manager for Avex International, a company specialized in  System Integration and Unified Comunnication.  In this role I had the opportunity to bring the world of Real-estate, Furniture, AV & IT together in Bespoke Tailormade solutions. Before joining Colliers, I was given the chance to bring tohether, all the knowledge and experience that I've gained in my previous jobs. I joined the Dutch Steelcase dealer and managed  the sales- and  projectmanagers whilst working as a Workplace Consultant for global and key accounts. 




Service Lines

Occupier Services, Project Management

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9 Apr 2020

The ‘social distancing office’ leads to a 1.2 million reduction in workplaces

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Featured News

22 Jun 2020

Blog | The perfect balance between the office and home

What effect does working from home have on our (emotional) well-being, the feeling of commitment to our work, our colleagues and the company?
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