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Harold Kastelijn | Colliers | Den Bosch

Harold Kastelijn

Graphic Designer

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Professional Summary

I joined Colliers International in 2016 as a graphic designer for Colliers International in the Netherlands. Pryor to this I have worked in this field of business for more than 20 years (WPM Groep).

My role involves providing creative and design support for internal and external clients e.g. marketing & communication and corporate communication.

My design tasks include:

  • Implementation of corporate design
  • Print and electronic design for corporate use and marketing & communication of retail property, shopping centres, office property and campagnes
  • Creation of multimedia such as videos, presentations, music
  • 3D impressions for commercial use, interior design, product design
  • Support to all members of the Dutch offices of Colliers International

I am passionate about my job, working accurate and delivering a high quality product is my goal. I'm able to provide good service to internal clients as well as external clients even on short notice.


I have created various  materials for all business lines (e.g. Hotels, Capital Markets, REMS Retail, REMS Offices, Business Support, Marketing&Communications, Asset Development) in the Netherlands and for external clients (e.g. shopkeepers' association of shopping centres, external m&c companies).

 Materials include:

  • Pitches
  • Publications (e.g. Transition of the Dutch retail structure: from value to vitality, V&D shopping areas on the verge of new momentum)
  • Teasers
  • Information / Investment Memorandum
  • Advertisement
  • Brochures (lease / sale / tender / proposal)
  • Leaflets
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Stand for property fare
  • Templates
  • Video registration / film for (real estate) meetings / events

I also

  • Setup the forms for the Inspect4All app (Offices, Retail)
  • Photo archive management

I enjoy working directly with managers and directors to create client winning leads, pitches and proposals.


  • Engineering
  • Graphic design


  • Internal Clients
  • External Clients


Service Lines

Property Marketing

Property Type

Offices, Retail, Healthcare-Medical, Hotels, Industrial, Land, Multifamily-Apartment


Retail, Office Services

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