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Danielle ten Haaf | Colliers | Rotterdam

Danielle ten Haaf

Senior Operations Specialist

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Professional Summary

A generalist and curious person by nature I have travelled/ worked my way through almost all of the units of Corporate Solutions since my arrival 20 years ago. I’ve been involved in IT projects, building and relocation projects, facility management assignments and finally I have settled in the HR/Finance role for the last 14 years. As of September 2020 I have started working for Operations where I can use all the skills I have collected over the years to help achieve operation exellence within Colliers Netherlands.


I have become pretty adapt at cleaning up and building something (sometimes) from the ground up.

I am also a pro at the work/life (= husband, 2 kids and a home) balance thing. Although sometimes work gets the upperhand...



MBO Bedrijfskunde
HBO Facility Management
HBO Personeelsmanagement
Masterclass Financial Accounting


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