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Dutch Commercial Real Estate Research and Data

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Colliers Research is the industry cornerstone of authoritative statistics, forecasts and market commentary across the Netherlands. With access to years of comprehensive historic market data and extensive research capabilities,  no other firm in the Netherlands can provide such a complete commercial real estate research solution.

  • Access to the latest market data
  • Customized research engagements
  • Predictive market research
  • Reporting on key insights and trends

Latest research

10 Jan 2023

Why offices are remaining empty and what this means for organisations

Our whitepaper focuses on why offices are remaining ‘empty’, what employees really want and what this means for organisations
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28 Dec 2022

Affordable and sustainable housing New regulation pursues goals that cannibalize each other

About 400,000 homes fall into the new middle segment, but this number is in danger of declining rapidly in the coming years due to stagnant new construction and increased outflow.
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23 Dec 2022

Fewer Church attendances and higher heating costs: increase of churches being sold

Due to ongoing secularization, more and more church buildings are being sold. The average selling price is €575,000, according to more than 120 transactions from 2021 and 2022.
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