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A new future for Magna Plaza

Magna Plaza is the former main post office in the heart of Amsterdam and since 1992 a shopping center. Due to the lack of a clear profile, it has never been very successful. That is why it was time to revive this iconic building at such a beautiful location.

Owner Lianeo Real Estate is a real estate investor in retail, hotels and offices. Their strategy is to buy real estate at good locations with a lot of potential to transform in order to add value to the property. To make Magna Plaza successful again, it was necessary to change the overall concept.

The Food Department
Food & Beverage plays an increasingly important role in the success of shopping areas. It contributes to the overall shopping experience and leads to an increased dwell time by consumers. This is one of the main reasons why the entire top floor is transformed from fashion units into a giant food court: The Food Department. From March 2019, 20 restaurants and 3 bars will be open to the public. And new store concepts and other fashion stores will open their doors as well on the other floors.

New future
With this repositioning, Magna Plaza is ready for the future. It will become a destination for both locals who will enjoy this building again and for international visitors. The ambition is to be in the top five of places to be in Amsterdam within one year.