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The impact of hybrid working

After a long period of working from home, employees are slowly returning to the office. What does this post-corona office look like? What is the future function? What is the right balance between working from home or in the office? And how does hybrid work functions in practice?

While working from home is an enduring game changer, the office isn't going away. This place is becoming more important, because it has a different function than working from home: working together and being together. With more employees working from home, meeting in the office is extra valuable. It is important to set up the office accordingly.

The first organizations are therefore already making adjustments to the working environment. Others are waiting for the experiences of the front runners. In any case, there is one topic that every company should already tackle in order to make a successful start with hybrid working: drawing up a team manifesto with clear agreements about how this is done.

A future proof office

In addition to a TeamManifest approach, we can also help with the total layout of your office. Perhaps you have too many workplaces due to the new home working policy, or you want to create more co-working spaces.

We offer a step-by-step approach

A changed work need

We collect information about the desired work behavior of your employees via a custom survey. It is about their experiences from the past, now and expectations for the future. We compare the results with results of other organizations in order to provide better insight.

A new workplace policy

The results of our research, together with the ambition and strategy of the organization, lead to the new workplace policy. We calculate the consequences of more working from home on office occupancy and thus the new need for office space. For this we use the Colliers home work calculator. This can be done for the entire company, but also per team.

A better workplace at home

To optimize the workplace at home, we advise on its use and layout. And we give tips on effective remote collaboration. Organizing management and safeguarding the duty of care as an employer is also part of this. Finally, we provide insight into the financial impact and financing options.

A future-proof office

The new balance between working from home and working in the office may mean that your office concept needs to be adapted. We map out the possible optimizations and make a new design. We can also implement this plan for you.

Good planning

More working from home means stronger peaks and dips in office occupancy. It is therefore essential to spread employees better over the working week. We make a schedule for you that suits the organizational structure and partnerships best. In addition, we help with the selection and roll-out of tools to continuously regulate this capacity planning, such as a specially developed app.

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