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The CIAO app

What is CIAO
The Check In And Out app is a collaboration between Colliers and Wunderbricks. This app is a simple, safe and fast solution that allows employees to safely return to the office. In addition, the CIAO app offers the possibility to spread the crowds at the office. Employee data is safe due to the built-in security layer.

Why the CIAO app?
Despite the uncertain corona period, many employees would like to return to the office. The social distance office only ensures that fewer desks are available. Spreadsheets or other tools are often still used to make good planning. The CIAO app is an easy capacity planner that takes care of this efficiently. And if there is an infection case, colleagues who have worked the same days can easily be approached.

How does it work?
Companies can easily indicate their offices, floors, zones and workplaces in the management console. In addition, there are handy dashboards and extensive insights into the occupation of the workplaces. Teams and employees can be added easily. An electronic link can be made with the existing IT infrastructure.

Employees reserve a workplace via the app. Checking in and out is done by scanning a QR code in the app. In addition to a clear overview of the reservations, employees can set their favorite workplace, make reservations for several days, make team reservations, reserve meeting rooms, link their agenda to swap a workplace with a colleague.