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The booking platform Airbnb has conquered an unmistakable place within the hotel landscape. But, how big is Airbnb? How many overnight stays are booked? What do guests pay on average per night? And, how many accommodations are actively offered? Colliers International conducts research about Airbnb activities in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Our reports give insights in these questions. On this page you may find the most recent reports. 

Figures 2018

Almost half Airbnb accommodations Amsterdam break 60 day rule

Despite the increasingly strict regulations, 41% of entire homes offered on Airbnb are let out for more than 60 days. An additional 19% of entire homes are offered for more than 120 days.

Figures 2017


Airbnb continues to grow in The Netherlands throughout 2017

The number of overnight stays via the bookings platform Airbnb continues to grow in The Netherlands. In 2017, almost 2,1 million overnight stays were booked in Amsterdam. This is an increase of more than 25% compared to 2016. 
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