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About Puebla...

The city of Puebla is located 120 km west of the Federal District, and 300 km from the port of Veracruz, being the fourth largest city in Mexico in size and population.

Since the founding of the city and its beginnings with the textile industry, Puebla has distinguished itself for its business tradition nationally and internationally. Sectors such as automotive, auto parts, clothing, furniture, chemical and agroindustrial, have made the city one of the main industrial poles of Mexico.

With strong economic activity and excellent diversification, new investments are continuously attracted to the state. Puebla is an important window that connects the business center of the country, the Federal District, with the South and Southeast of Mexico; exerting a strong influence on the states of Tlaxcala, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Hidalgo.

One of the biggest events, and that turned the Puebla into this industrial pole, was the construction and installation of the VW Mexico plant 30 years ago, which has laid the foundations to configure the contemporary scene: a cluster whose center is the automotive industry, which has achieved its development through twelve industrial corridors distributed along the periphery of the city and close to the Mexico-Orizaba highway.

Some of the main industries that have boomed in the city have been, first, the auto parts and their suppliers, followed by textile companies, maquiladoras, clothing companies, cement and similar, multiple institutions of higher education, call centers and insurers and bondholders, as well as various financial institutions, who see Puebla as a strategic point where to place their operations, and a friendly environment for business and industry thanks to the development of the automotive cluster mentioned.

The most recent addition to the catalog of international companies existing in the state was the announcement and subsequent start of the construction of the new production plant of Audi, which will be located in the municipality of San José Chiapa, about 65 km from the capital of the state, and that represents an initial investment of 1300 million dollars, in addition to the development that it will represent for the region and its inhabitants.

On the other hand, in recent years, and under the direction of recent administrations, the state in general, and the specific capital, have received important stimuli for the development of an important tourism industry, demonstrating with the arrival of various chains, brands and hotel developers such as Marriot, Presidente and Fiesta Inn; even in the recent months (October / November) Hilton and Staybridge announced and placed the first stones of their hotel complexes.

Thus, the city of Puebla is positioned as one of the most attractive destinations for investment in both industry and services throughout Mexico, either because of its strategic location, its consolidated business environment, or its incredible development potential.