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Project Management

The workspace can be a strategic business tool, but only if it is designed to support the way people and organizations work today. We must add the maximization of real estate to these two concepts; that is why having a team of analysts suitable for your adaptation project is of vital importance.

In every project there are several factors that must be integrated to achieve a successful development. Doing business and getting a return on investment are two of the top priorities for executives, compared to project management, which is not considered, in general, as important. Most people are not aware that not having a good work management process costs them money.

Project Management starts from the conceptualization of ideas for the optimization of space, to the coordination in form and time of the resources necessary to carry it out. It is vital to have a team that can establish solid foundations for your project and integrate the various phases or stages of it to achieve the proper interaction among all the specialists involved.

There are several aspects that we must take into account when planning a space, and this is where having a project manager team offers us a competitive advantage:

  • Clearly define the scope of the project, so that all and only the works that lead to it are executed. In projects where results aren't satisfactory it is usually because it differs from the scope that was originally set.
  • Plan the time and its control throughout the execution, to get the project to finish in the foreseen term.
  • Prepare the budget and control to detect possible deviations and finish within the amount planned.
  • Manage the necessary resources, both internal as well as the identification of the needs of external resources and their acquisition.
  • Communicate correctly with all those involved in the project, so that everyone receives the information necessary for the execution of their duties.