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Mixed-use Developments

In the real estate market in Monterrey, there is a recent trend in new developments that mostly involves more than one use of the building, which is known as "mixed-used".

Currently, there are a lot of developments of this type, and they have aimed for the "far-fetched", that is, something that previously seemed impossible or difficult to believe before is now a reality, and its most common forms are:

  • Sets composed of shopping centers, offices and apartment buildings.
  • Offices with commercial areas or areas of convenience.
  • Apartment buildings with commercial areas on the ground floor.
  • Hotels with commercial areas, or with prestigious restaurants.

Generally, a mixed-use building is created based on "fundamental use", that is, the most viable and most profitable use of the project; it is the one that governs the project itself and generally occupies the largest space in the building and should be the most solid use of the project, economically speaking.

The mixed-use developments offer a large number of benefits, among which are:

  • Convenience of living-working in a single space.
  • Reduce transportation times.
  • Reduction of distances between residence, work, services and other destinations.
  • Creation of pedestrian and bicycle environments.
  • Promote coexistence without using the car.
  • Better use of urban and land resources.
  • Urban development ordered.
  • Preservation of open spaces.
  • Creation and preservation of green areas.

Colliers International's specialists provide owners and users with mixed-use developments of useful perspectives, advice, and transaction and management services to maximize the benefits of a mixed-use property.