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Learn more about Monterrey

Monterrey is located in the northeast of Mexico and has a strategic location that allows access to both national and international markets (mainly the North American and Canadian). It's located approximately 230 kilometers (143 miles) from the border with the US.

The city enjoys the benefits of the proximity of the United States without being a border city. It's one of the most important business cities in Mexico for its industrial development, which began in the mid-nineteenth century when textile, beer, steel and other industrial materials companies were founded in the city. In the 20th century, the strengthening of these companies, together with the diversification of the glass, metal-mechanical, cement and educational services sectors, led the State to occupy a leading position in the country.

In recent decades, other sectors have appeared, including processed foods, auto parts, software development and financial services. Currently, our varied and modern economy represents 11% of the total production of the country and Monterrey residents are recognized for their entrepreneurial culture, for the great managerial talent and for the attitude that facilitates business transactions and growth.

More than 1,800 foreign companies have settled in Nuevo Leon. These companies join the numerous Mexican companies and industrial sectors already present in the state. Together, they have resulted in the competitive position of Nuevo Leon as a state of progress in sectors such as automotive, household appliances and electronic equipment. These companies have also led to the development of groups that will be characteristic of Nuevo Leon in the near future, including those in the aerospace, software, specialized medical services and biotechnology industries.

All these factors will drive a change in the State's economy, from being manufacturing-based to knowledge-based. In addition, its extensive telecommunications and transport network allows for the efficient mobility of goods and services, since the State's road and rail networks allow access to the main ports and cities in Mexico and North America.

Lately, Monterrey has been defined by real estate experts as the most modern city in the country and rated as having the greatest North American influence, coming to the conclusion that it's the most representative city in the north of the country.