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The 5 keys to designing business spaces in 2018

 This 2018 has marked a clear trend in terms of design of offices, facades and corporate spaces, if a new project of renovation or adaptation of any of these is in progress, why not take a look at the trends in designs of spaces business? I share the 5 keys to create impact on your customers through their business spaces.


For this year the traditional offices with closed spaces, cold lights and meeting rooms confined to 4 soundproof walls are way behind; the current trend calls for warmer spaces, full of vitality, open cubicles that promote interaction, allocation of areas of entertainment for networking, meeting rooms with glass walls that generate synergy
and teamwork among the members of the office are fundamental for the innovation of the spaces of the future.


This trend has been growing since 2017, where the '' green '' details play a fundamental role both in the visual impact of the spaces and in the productivity of the employees who use these spaces, touches such as plants, gardens, woods, fountains , create more relaxed, creative and committed employees with the development of their activities. The vertical gardens, lawn corridors and interior gardens form a synergy between professionalism and environmental commitment, promoting the position of corporate responsibility
with the natural environment.


Definitely vibrant colors are not that far from the seriousness and professionalism of an institution. This is clear in the different corporate who play with the design of their spaces with contrasting and striking colors that fill with dynamism their areas of work; ultimately, innovation and vanguard are topics that should be in the mind of any company that seeks to stand out in a highly competitive market as it is today. 


The use of textures in corporate spaces stimulates the senses of who enters them, not only the touch but also the view, since certain textures impact on the feeling of memories that make you feel at home and create the feeling of wanting be there. The use of stone floors, woven carpets, textile panels on the walls or geometric figures in the finishes are part of this effect.


The creation of spaces that harmoniously reunite different generations with different skills that contribute to companies by combining technological connectivity and standards
traditional of a serious corporate, are a fundamental part of the companies of the future: A place where you can enter different functionalities at the push of a button or
access through a smartphone promotes the comfort of all and creates the feeling of being a company with a view to the future that is not afraid of change. From the access
controlled with fingerprint reader or electronic cards to the use of furniture of ergonomic fit suitable for the activity of employees is a fundamental part in this section.

In conclusion, this year is full of avant-garde in the matter of adaptation of business and industrial spaces and ultimately can not be left out of this wave of innovation. We at Colliers International have a wide range of Project Management services that will ensure that your project is completed to perfection and fulfilling all your goals in terms of budget and time, I invite you to visit our success stories with hundreds of satisfied customers sharing his experience with
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