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Enrique White | Colliers | Mexico City

Enrique White

Asesor Legal | México

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Professional Summary

Enrique started working as a Legal Assessor at Colliers International on October 23rd. 2017 after 18 months working for Jardín de Niños Corinca I.A.P. as The manager`s assistant and as fundraising attorney.

He worked during two years for Grupo Universitario de Puebla A.C. as Academic Coordinator and later as Coordinator of Continued Education and Liaison.

Mr. White was part of the team of lawyers in Comercializadora de Frecuencias Satelitales, R.L. de C.V. Being later promoted as Legal Coordinator.

He joined MVS Multivisión S.A. de C.V. as trainee and in 2009 where he was transferred to Comercializadora de Frecuencias Satelitales, S . de R.L. de C.V

While he was attending University he started working as assistant in the Administration department of BBG Comunicaciones S.A. de C.V.


Substancial increase of donations throughout public notices at Corinca.
Achievement of official agreements between Colegio Libre de Estudios Universitarios and PGR, PGJ, Federal Police and INACIPE Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Penales, and the DF Penitentiary System.


Specialty in Corporate Law at UIC Universidad Intercontinental.
Bachelor ́s Degree in Law at UIC Universidad Intercontinental.
Diploma  “Grafoscopía, Documentoscopía, y Dactiloscopia” at Colegio Libre de Estudios Universitarios.
Diploma  “Criminología Clínica” at Colegio Libre de Estudios Universitarios.
Constitutional Tax Right in Iberoamerica Seminar.
International Judicial Transparency Seminar.

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