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Andres Coronel | Colliers | Mexico City

Andres Coronel

Coordinador Comercial Jr., REMS | Ciudad de México

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Professional Summary

I currently work as a fellow in the area of ​​Real Estate Management Services of Colliers International. I'm responsible for purchasing management, as well as negotiating with our potential suppliers. Having the main objective of maximizing and optimizing what was purchased, reducing as much as possible the cost or expense incurred.
I also contribute in the elaboration of economic Proposals about the services to the possible clients based on their main needs. The preparation of Request For Proposal for companies that launch their competitions to companies in the real estate sector, which in this case is Colliers International.

I have contributed to a marketing project in the REMS Mexico area, conducting a detailed analysis of the performance of Collier REMS services and their impact on the market. All this through the Boston Consulting Group Matrix.


I have managed to increase my negotiation skills with Colliers service providers, in addition to obtaining skills in many of my functions.

The objective of analyzing the REMS division to make a proposal for improvement and in a certain way to increase the net income of the same, through the BCG matrix.

I have participated in some of the main client projects of Colliers REMS, contributing in part to the administration and management of the same, for example Google Mexico, Gentera and Mastota.

To win the largest number of competitions in the last year, consequently clients that are gradually becoming potential.


Currently studying the eighth semester of the degree in administration at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, in the School of Higher Studies Cuautitlán (FESC). In which, my area of specialization is the area of Marketing in which I later work professionally.
I have professional training with constancy in '' Purchases and Supply ''. I studied in 2017 through Training Company.


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