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Alejandra Hernandez | Colliers | Guadalajara

Alejandra Hernandez

Analista de Mercados | Gdl

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Professional Summary

Degree in Marketing from the University of Guadalajara at the University Center of Economic and Administrative Sciences.

Part of  her  professional experience

Scholar in the Diplomatic and Certification Courses Module with support for the degree within the University Center of Economic Sciences - Administrations supporting various activities, such as:

Support at reception, Attention to students and graduates, Telephone support, Support on file, tracking procedures through digital channels.

MKT-Account Executive in Onlife Insurance and Bonding Agent S.A. of C.V.

Monitoring of government accounts, corporate image, brand, brand registration, use of portals, marketing, advertising, management of social networks and organization of events.

She is currently in the area of ​​Market Research at Colliers International

In this area it is in charge of Elaborating market reports, Implementation of the database platform (SPEX)

Investigate previously the necessary information to deal with quarterly market reports and Attention to intermediaries.


She concluded the marketing degree satisfactorily, as well as the diploma in Marketing strategies and sales.

She manages to implement a consolidated image in one of the companies where I work, as well as the increase of clients in the branch of Individual thanks to the strategies developed.


Bachelor's degree in marketing At the University of Guadalajara, University Center for Economic and Administrative Sciences

Diploma inStrategies Marketing and sales at University Center for Economic and Administrative sciences and additional she took a Web Marketing course at CAAV University of Audiovisual media.

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