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Adriana Bravo | Colliers | Mexico City

Adriana Bravo

Lease Administrator & Account Manager

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Professional Summary

Adriana Bravo is a high international executive specializing in Real Estate, Telecommunications, Automotive and Medical, has a great capacity to understand the operational and financial needs she is a competitive person to obtain results, with more than 26 years of experience began her career in a family business and from there it was developed in different transnational companies, occupying positions of coordination and management in different industries in areas such as procurement, logistics, finance, human resources, operations, Project management, income in Colliers as Administrator of leases Sr and now also at Colliers he has been promoted as Account Manager of the Leasing Administration service line that serves customers in Latin America, and Europe. She has been characterized in working efficiently in the handling of equipment under pressure, in addition to providing ideas and processes to make our customers improvements in the operation.

She has been involved in companies such as:

+ International Colliers

+ Nokia

+ Nextel

+ Medical Laboratory Polanco

+ Stryker

+ Chrysler

He has developed experience in different areas of knowledge, including:

 + Real estate

+ Lease administration

+ Real estate management services

+ Project management

+ Finance

+ Shopping

+ Logistics

+ Recruitment and selection

+ Training

+ Benefits

+ Labor Relations



  • Recruitment, development implementation of telecommunications project, renewal of contracts for more than 10 years with signatures of adhesion contracts, reduction, purchase sale, usufruct, prepayment lease, legal, financial and operational regularization, signature in 6 months of at least 50 % of the assigned portfolio,Optical fiber project signature, negotiation and signing of contracts for additional space
  • Implementation  and  start-up,  analysis of (deeds, assignments, mergers, intercompany contracts, third party contracts, rents) database audit, currently manages over 1000 leases and own properties, consulting, Management of improvement processes Latam and rest of the world (Spain, Portugal, China, South America, Brazil).

  • Operational management of projects of Nextel and NII-Control of lessors-Legal Management according to leases-Elaboration, Control, review and monitoring of income budgets Opex-Elaboration, Control, review and monitoring of budgets of Capex-Elaboration And delivery of analysis and financial reports to Nextel NII-Budget reconciliations-Control of suppliers-Agreements with various areas of Nextel and NSN­ Development of plans to streamline Nextel process-Development of savings strategies for NSN-Development and proposals for new business- Management of contract and rent management coordinators and analysts

  • High­ suppliers-Provisions-Suppliers-Contracts-Payment to suppliers-Administrative coordination of suppliers-Logistics delivery of legal documents by locators-Budget for localization-Management and analysis of legal  contracts­ Maintenance of databases for monitoring-High and Changes of bank  accounts  of landlords-High  accounting-Request for payment-Bail Bonds, civil liability certificates and security deposits-Control, delivery and archive of contracts­ Integration of first landlord package, delivery to supplier, acknowledgment, tracking, receipt , Sent correspondent to different areas and file -Management of legal changes of lessors-Administration and tracking of income, increases, renewals and cancellations-Follow-up to access to sites, and problem solµing-Budget for income and financial reports­ Certification in ISO 9001 : 2000-Provision Capex and Opex -Control of Paons of sites transferred-Control of audits of sites Coubicatios

  • Logistics and Customer Service-Purchasing-Cost control-Billing and accounting-Verification of preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment-Control of promotions and publicity-Payroll payroll, Incentives-Courses-Disciplinary controls and evaluations to staff-Management of Corporate and operational objectives.

  • Logistics  and Customer Service-Logistics of shipping and retrieval of material to Distributors-Logistics in government tenders­ Coordination of surgeries at national, private level-Management of nurse-surgical personnel-Administrative management of official documents-Calculation of payment of personnel fees-Billing and income at the end of month-Control of Viaticum-Re-supply plan.

  • Staff administration- Compliance of teams based on production and logistics - Analysis of social security, payments and omissions - Recruitment Control.

  • Analysis and control of low and high social security-Care of trusted and syndicated staff-Sentence incidence-Management of unionized staff, executives and employees-Intendance management-Provider entry control-Communication With staff -Review of Perfect operation of ATMS-Security and Hygiene Inputs-Control and detection of training needs-Control and file of records of plant personnel-Coordination and teamwork with Union-Organization and coordination of events -Logistics, preparation, closing and follow-up of plant activity completion- Commemorative Event of plant closure

  • Inventory control-Decreation of obsolescence-Recurrent material replenishment plan-Evaluation  of  suppliers-Reduction  of  delivery times of materials-Attention and logistics of non-productive material warehouse -Physical counts and audit­ Implementation of JIT.


1998-2001 Lic. Administración de Empresas. Universidad Tecnológica de México (UNITEC)

  • Emotional Intelligence and Effective Stress Management
  • Development of Management Skills
  • Human Relations (Dale Carnegie)
  • The Executive Woman
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Effective feedback and stress management
  • Gain without fighting
  • How to deal with difficult people



Thomson Reuters, American Tower, Colliers, Nextel, Nokia, Chrysler, Stryker

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