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Project Management

Turn your project into reality, on time and within budget

Managing renovations or construction projects while doing business can become an overwhelming task for many companies. Renovations and expansion can make a property more appealing and boost demand, while decreasing costs in the long run. Colliers can help you accomplish these goals by supporting you through every phase of the project lifecycle, from pre-planning and site evaluation to project closeout. We leverage local, national and international contacts and market knowledge to help you get the best available vendors, equipment, design and construction in order to turn your ideas into reality.

Colliers will assemble a team of professionals specialising in key areas, such as architecture, engineering, construction, planning and operations management. We then operate on your behalf through each phase of the project, making sure that tasks are executed on time and within budget.

Colliers International Montenegro is the co-founder of the Green Building Council of Montenegro, and can help bring in building experts dedicated to providing expert support through a single point of accountability for your convenience.

Top questions about Project Management services

Here are the top questions you might have about the project management process.

Our Project Management experts will provide you with a wide range of services, including design team selection and management, document review, construction delivery management, quality assurance, risk management and financial controls.

If you’re also looking for tenants for your development, or are interested in lease negotiations or building operations, our team can offer additional services to cover these needs.

We take a different approach for every project, based on its scale. In order to deliver the project on time and within budget, our team divides each project into several phases:

  • The pre-design phase, where all goals and expectations are established, and a design team is formed.
  • The design phase, when plans are put in motion, and all necessary approvals are procured.
  • The bid phase, where our team helps you find the right construction team from a number of local, national and international options.
  • The construction phase, during which we will help complete the construction of your project.
  • The occupancy phase, during which we help you to make a seamless transition to the new space, commission the mechanical systems and closeout the project.

While property owners can always choose to repair and maintain their facilities as the need arises, this may not be the most cost effective approach. We can help owners by creating a longer term strategy, so that the property is regularly maintained, helping to lower costs in the long run, while keeping facilities feeling fresh and modern at all times.

Our advisors can also help you a gain deeper insight of how well your facilities are functioning, and using this assessment, you can identify priorities for improving specific priority areas. Strategic planning can give you multiple options to further increase the value of your business, all while taking into account your present and future needs.

While companies can choose to dedicate their own resources towards realising their projects, these often require knowledge and experience that in-house team members don't have. This, along with their need to focus on other tasks, makes in-house project management more complex and less efficient. Our Project Management team can offer professional advisors with the required experience, who are focused on delivering results.

When it comes to facilities management, a well organised team is crucial to helping the business grow and optimising operational costs. However, this role can be time consuming and requires the team to have a deep understanding of construction, maintenance, electrical engineering, mail services and more. Our Facilities Management experts can function as an extension of your own team to provide solutions that cover all of your needs.

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