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Lease Administration

Efficient lease administration can help you save time and money

Managing multiple sites can be a challenging process for many companies. Our Lease Administration experts can help you save time and money through more efficient lease management. By using dedicated resources and a deep understanding of the market we can help streamline the process, and prevent billing errors and overpayment.

 Whether you already have a lease administration database or are seeking an optimal system, our experts can help you by abstracting leases, tracking critical lease dates, auditing landlord invoices and negotiating recoveries, budgeting real estate expenses and managing real estate portfolios. 

Our team can help you audit landlord reconciliation statements, which can contain hidden inaccuracies that can cause overcharging. Once revealed, you can avoid these issues in the future and save time and money. A good lease administration process can help you achieve a better return on investment, and our team can help you make the best of the market situation.

Top questions about Lease Administration

Colliers International Montenegro offers clients the opportunity to optimise their lease portfolio in a more efficient manner, through real estate portfolio management, lease date tracking, lease abstraction and expense budgeting.

We have experience reducing costs and creating value in many different ways, as each client has a unique situation. Our Montenegrin office brings together experienced specialists with considerable knowledge of lease abstraction and the market, which can help companies save time and focus on doing business.

Lastly, we save some clients money through the benefits of outsourcing, offering variable resources and scalability instead of their current fixed cost model. We typically measure how much value we have added relative to our fees, and in many cases that can be substantial.

Commercial property transactions have become very complex, and leases today represent a lengthy document with many clauses intended to cover different situations and details. Lease abstraction is performed in order to compile the most important details and most frequently used information into a more useful and effective lease abstract. These are later used by lease administrators, lease agents and property managers to easily reference items without going through the whole document.

Commercial leases usually contain a large amount of legal language, which can make critical data harder to find. Our experts can help gather all crucial data, especially financial terms, into a more compact document which can save clients time and money.

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