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Landlord Representation

Attract top tenants to your property

Every property has a story — a unique combination of history and strengths that a property owner or landlord can leverage to maximise a building’s value.

Our Landlord Representation Services team can help you unlock your property’s potential by developing a deep understanding of your unique space and delivering expertise on the market and the marketing techniques that will showcase your property’s best qualities. Our experts will position your property in a way that attracts and secures the right tenants for you — all while helping you avoid the common pitfalls of the leasing process.

Top questions about Landlord Representation services

Here are the top questions you might have about the landlord leasing process.

Our Landlord Representation experts will provide you with a range of services, including assessing similar properties in your marketplace, targeting, attracting and securing the right tenants and minimizing your risk with thoughtfully negotiated leases.

Whether you’re planning to own a building for the long-term, or interested in selling the property within the next few years, drastically impacts the type and length of leases you’ll want to offer your tenants.

Because long-term investment strategies guide scheduling for capital improvements, our landlord services teams will help you develop a management strategy that will meet your future objectives without sacrificing present profits.

Minimizing risk starts with a solid plan to ensure your property is occupied by the right mix of tenants. Our team can help you reduce risk by thoroughly researching the financial status of a potential tenant including credit ratings and business history as well as understanding the impact of current market cycles and economic dynamics.

In addition, our lease auditing teams can ensure that all leasable space is fully utilized and all lease agreements are structured with the right security measures to protect your investment.

We have deep property marketing expertise, which starts with establishing a hierarchy that allows you to focus resources on the highest-quality prospects.

Once we have identified prospective tenants, we move them through a transaction filter that begins with creating awareness and then helps establish an understanding of how your property can provide the right space and place that adds value to their business.


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