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Luštica Bay - Emerging Superstar of the Adriatic


Respectful of the destination's culture, its history and natural setting, Luštica Bay has presented itself as a perfect combination of past and present, tradition and innovation, creating an integrated resort town with high end standards, while still focusing on sustainable architecture.

Luštica Bay stands for an inventive way of mixing and interconnecting present and past, tradition and innovation. What sets them apart is their approach to creating integrated resort towns, delivering spaces for living to high standards, are grounded in a strong sense of identity and place, along with infrastructure for life made easy. Combining Montenegro's beauty and culture with Orascom's unparalleled experience in cultivating environmentally friendly, modern residential living. Luštica Bay provides a foundation that will grow organically for decades to come. 

Deeply respectful of the destination's culture, history and natural setting, Luštica Bay has set to become a fully-fledged resort town covering 690 hectares of land, and already has a flourishing community which blends seamlessly with its surroundings. Orascom created a town that intrinsically embraces the charm and feel of the Montenegrin traditional village, powered by future-toward vision.

Their sustainable architecture blends perfectly with the natural landscape and culture, and aim to create a timeless ambient through their authenticity. From the development's layout to its architecture, every aspect of the project is deeply rooted in the land and the culture to which it belongs. Luštica Bay is a perfect visual unity with its Mediterranean surroundings, with architecture characterized by its human scale and buildings that fit into their contexts. 

Inspired by the local heritage, its architecture is harmonious, with soft-hued stone villas, townhouses and apartments buildings across the development's neighborhoods punctuated with terracotta tiles and sea blue wooden shutters.


To see more of Luštica Bay, click here, here and here.

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Milovan Novakovic

General Manager


Milovan joined Colliers International in 2007 and has started as an ICAS Officer.

In 2009 he took the role of Senior office representative and he was coordinating all activities of the Montenegrin office together with SEE Regional director.

At the end of 2010 he officially became General Manager of Colliers International, Montenegro.

Milovan has graduated at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica and before he joined Colliers International he worked as Computer Designer, Research Assistant, Advisor for Marketing, Financial Officer, Marketing Manager and free entrepreneur. Milovan has successfully undertaken research studies related to all types of property, such as hotels and resorts, industrial premises, office and retail blocks, land parcels and residential properties and he was directly involved in all big projects that Colliers has done in Montenegro. He is a certified appraiser and he is LEED qualified. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Green Building Council of Montenegro and Colliers is the Co-Founder of that Organization​. From December 2014 he is a member of Royal Institutution of Chartered Surveyors.

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Nikola Kostic

Manager | Commercial Agency


Nikola started working in Colliers International Montenegro in November 2012.

Currently, He is a manager in commercial department in charge for representing both Tenants and Landlords. His long experience and market intelligence allowed him to work with the most significant players in retail industry present in Montenegro.

Before joining commercial department, He was Mall manager in one of the biggest shopping malls in Podgorica, Mall of Montenegro. He was responsible for its administration, inventory and human resources management.  He was in charge for organization of work in the mall, duties and responsibilities of the employees, supervision of costs and incomes of the property. In addition, he was responsible for making deals on leasing, negotiating with potential tenants and coordination of their needs and obligations in the shopping center. Along with working with the Colliers commercial department, Nikola also held the position  of General Manager at SC Butiko, a modern shopping mall located in Kotor, Montenegro, where he had the same responsibilities as in Mall of Montenegro. In addition, he secured all current tenants and leased out all available capacities.

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Luštica Bay - A place to belong