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Retail leasing

Find the right commercial premises for your business

Retail premises are more than just space for the sale of your products. It’s your business. Leasing the right space in the right location can elevate your brand, streamline your operations, attract leading talent and make a meaningful impact on your bottom line. 

A lease also represents a significant commitment of time and financial resources. We partner with you to ensure your lease is not just a line item — it’s a competitive advantage. We do this by bringing together our specialized market knowledge with a deep understanding of your business strategy to achieve your goals.


Leasing premises for successful sales

Lease of premises, which conform to the tenants' criteria is one of the most important prerequisites for ensuring successful sales in a retail business. That is why, while searching for commercial premises, it is important to partner with industry experts with knowledge, which will help to choose the most suitable retail premises. What to take into account when choosing the most suitable leasing offer for your premises?

Retail premises for lease

Leasing premises in shopping centres

Leasing premises in shopping centres has several advantages, starting from a dynamic visitor flow up to a strategically beneficial location and several anchor tenants. Additional benefit of leasing premises in a shopping center comes with the benefit that you often do not have to make significant construction works in order to start selling. And that is why tenants often choose to lease premises in shopping centres - due to convenience. If you are searching for commercial premises in a shopping centre, contact Colliers experts, who will suggest the most suitable premises for your business. 

Cafe and restaurant premises for lease

Leasing premises for Cafes and Restaurants

While choosing premises for a cafeteria or a restaurant, you have to consider the location and flow of people, technical requirements, which are applied to food establishments, maximum electrical grid load, since catering businesses use a lot of electronical devices, and other criteria which have to be taken into account while searching for premises to lease for a cafeteria or a restaurant.

Streetside commercial premises for lease

Leasing premises for a store

While deciding on premises for your store, it is important to pay attention to the location of the commercial premises, as well as the visual and technical condition, size, rent rate and other factors. Commercial premises have to be chosen considering your type of business, business strategy and goals. It will help you to choose the most suitable area.

Additionally in case of leasing premises you should pay attention to such criteria as:

  • windows, which will serve as a showcase, if the premises are located on the first floor;
  • warehouse and availability of other auxiliary rooms;
  • retail area;
  • communications;
  • flow of people;
  • location of the entrance;
  • parking availability;
  • surrounding infrastructure (how will the clients access your shop?);
  • as well as other criteria helping you to increase sales and develop your business.

Contact Colliers experts and find out more about what premises can we offer for the development and activity of your business!

Frequently asked questions

Here you can get answers to some of the frequently asked questions

We offer commercial premises of several types, including retail premises of various sizes in shopping centres and other types of buildings in Riga.

When choosing premises for retail purposes, you have to consider your business type and strategy (potential client flow, thousands of products or niche products, etc.), premises leasing budget and other criteria. The most suitable premise size and solution will be provided by our commercial premises expert.

If you are searching for someone leasing out store premises or other commercial premises in Riga, contact Colliers experts, who will suggest the most suitable premises for your business with competitive commercial terms.

Currently premises offered by Colliers are located in shopping centre Rīga Plaza, SĀGA, S/C Damme, Maxima Grostonas, Maxima Biķernieku, Valdeķu Graudu complex, as well as various office or historical buildings. However, we suggest you look into our active offering in our websites property section or contact one of our experts.

Market overview of the retail market and other news and research on the retail segment can be found in the Colliers website's research and news sections.

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