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Retail sector market newsletter

Latvia | 2021

Leading retail service provider

Whether advising on major shopping centres or individual units, in-town or out-of-town, on main streets or retail parks, Colliers International offers a wide range of transactional and consultancy services for landlords, investors and retailers.
Our retail experts provide a comprehensive range of services including planning and development consultancy, feasibility studies, tenant mix, funding advice, valuation, marketing and leasing, property and facility management, investment services, and much more. We can offer best retail premises for restaurants, stores and saloons.
Committed to maximising the return on investment for developers of retail projects, we create value for clients by providing advisory services from the concept development phase, through the management of the project to implementation of the marketing and leasing process and finally to the investment sale.

We are currently in the process of the transformation of shopping centres and the way how they will be organized. No matter how they will be called in the future, they will be places where people will gather to engage with each other, seek unique experiences, relate to brands on every personal level – there shopping centers will be Consumer Engagement Spaces.

Professional support on the retail property market

The commercial market experiences constant changes and rapid growth, which is not only driven by increasing consumerism but also broad commodity exchange opportunities. We continuously overview the retail sector and have a wealth of experience in the development and implementation of commercial solutions.

We can deliver a business development plan that is tailored to your individual needs. Our focus on services delivers best results for our clients – by recognising your goals, we can devise a customised strategy to maximise your profit and reduce costs, in addition to negotiating the best solutions. This is all achieved with a view to strengthening your position on the market and accelerating the growth of your business. We offer an advice to investors, owners and tenants on letting commercial space and shopping centres, providing ready made ideas on adapting space to our clients’ needs and developing unique retail concepts to allocate commercial facilities and bring buildings in line with the type of services provided.

Tenant Representation

  • In-depth retail market analysis;

  • Indications on market commercial conditions and trends;

  • Advise on development strategy;

  • Negotiations and renegotiation of lease agreements;

  • Chain store expansion.

Landlord Representation

  • Demand studies and retail market analyses;
  • Advice on retail concept positioning;
  • Advice on tenant mix and segmentation;
  • Advice on concept design and building shape;
  • Leasing process;
  • Assistance in lease agreements negotiations.

Reconcept of the shopping center

  • Demand study on current stategy of retail object;
  • Competitors analysis and SWOT analysis to obtain a new strategy;
  • Presentation of repositened shopping center;
  • Advice on tenant mix and segmentation;
  • Negotiation / renegotiation of lease and other contracts (online / on-site);
  • Leasing process with new identified tenants.

Discover the complex scope of ACROSS Retail

  • Advisory team understanding your different business needs
  • The sum of our experts' experience 
  • Bespoke package of services 
  • All services available for you in one place

Who can benefit from ACROSS Retail?

  • Tenants of retail space
  • Owners of retail schemes 
  • Investors
  • Developers
  • Convenience
    Full range of real estate advisory services in one place.
  • Potential savings 
    Through holistic support to your company, we offer favourable financial and non-financial conditions 
  • Experience and knowledge 
    Our advisors provide knowledge and long-time experience at every stage of your project.
  • Retail Strategic Advisory
  • Retail Leasing Services 
  • Retail Tenant Services 
  • Property & Asset Management 
  • Investment Advisory 
  • Corporate Finance
  • Market Research & Analysis 
  • Property Marketing
  • Valuation 
  • Building Consultancy 
  • LEED, BREEAM & WELL Certification 
  • Industrial & Logistics Advisory 
  • Office Advisory – Tenant Representation & Landlord Representation

Feel free to either choose a wide set of services, if they are equally essential to your business, or opt for ones that are crucial for your current needs. 


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