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Real Estate Management Services

Optimize your property management

By partnering with Colliers, you will have the attention of best-in-class advisors who will manage the ever-changing needs of your property to maximize value and tenant retention, freeing you up to focus on your business.

Our team - our main asset. We attract and develop creative and progressively minded professionals, which not only solve our customers current problems, but also anticipate potential difficulties.
Daily applying of the system of quality control to the process of management, we provide to our clients high quality services. We constantly improving our procedures to guarantee to the clients the highest indicators of the return of their investments.
We constantly accumulate data about the work of retailers, behavior of the buyers, generate and test ideas on improvement of our objects. All our knowledge we apply to our Clients, by offering them detailed expertise, knowledge and market insight.
Thus, applying our detailed expertise, attracting professional team, providing high quality services by integrated property management, we aim for maximum efficiency of our actions, to increase the value of our Clients assets.


Our Services:

  • Preparation and constant update of the tenant mix following the new commercial arrangements with the current occupiers and new leases signed;
  • Daily management of the tenants’ relations based on the proper execution of the lease agreements. Solution of daily issues in terms of technical questions;
  • Constant efforts on achieving better commercial conditions for the Landlord out of current lease agreements and tenants relations;
  • Debt control. Proactive approach for getting outstanding amounts back.
  • Prolongation of the lease agreements;
  • New arrangements with the current occupiers regarding extension or reduction of the space as well as relocation or refurbishments;
  • Management of unit’s handover process;
  • Search of the new tenants in order to reduce the vacancy rate and increase the incomes;
  • Management of the availability of public information on leasable space a variety of sources (internet, web-page, etc.);
  • Negotiations with potential tenants and coordination of new lease signing procedures;
  • Reporting with the preliminary agreed frequency (lease changes, debtors list, technical works implemented);
  • Inspection of the property in order to make sure that the property at all times has a proper maintenance standard
  • Optimization of operating costs for the facility
  • Organization of tenders for choosing sub-contractors,  to provide the following technical and maintenance services

Selected Properties Under Management


Type: Shopping Centre


SC Riga Plaza

Type:Shopping Center

Riga Plaza

SC Valdeku 39

Type: Shopping center


Stabu 10

Type: Office building

Valdemara biroji

Type: Office building


Type: Multi-functional building

SC Mezciems

Type: Shopping Centre