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Office leasing

Find the right office for your business

It’s more than just a space for your office. It’s your business. Leasing the right office in the right location can elevate your brand, streamline your operations, attract leading talent and make a meaningful impact on your bottom line. 


A lease also represents a significant commitment of time and financial resources. We partner with you to ensure your lease is not just a line item — it’s a competitive advantage. We do this by bringing together our specialized market knowledge with a deep understanding of your business strategy to achieve your goals.


A modern office for the successful operation of your company

Leasing an office is one of the most important components of a modern company's operation, because nowadays offices have become not only a place where employees work, but also a business card of the company that expresses the business philosophy. Therefore, the search for the most suitable office should be given enough attention by involving industry experts. We, Colliers - real estate service providers, will help you find the most appropriate office space in Riga for your company's needs and philosophy. We offer offices of various sizes in strategically advantageous locations in Riga with all the amenities required for a modern working environment.


Your new office in Riga

The office is the place where the company's daily activities take place, customers and guests are received, so it is important to choose an office space lease offer that will meet the requirements of employees and management, as well as serve a representative function. If you are looking for your new office in Riga, take a look at Colliers' current office rental offers! Our experts will provide all the necessary information about potential office premises, offer the most appropriate solutions and competitive lease terms for your new office.


Leasing office space - recommendations for choosing an office

Leasing an office space is a responsible process, and various questions may arise during the selection of the most suitable office. What area will the office need? Where will it be located? What is the technical condition of the office building? What will be the layout of the office? How to properly arrange your place of business? To speed up the office leasing process and get all the necessary information about your new office premises, we recommend contacting our experts who will help you find the best solution for your company's needs.


When choosing a new office, pay attention to:

  • office class (eg, is it an A class office?);
  • office layout (open-space, cabinet-type or combined);
  • how much natural lighting there is in the premises;
  • how convenient is the access to the office building;
  • what are the functional possibilities of the office (possibility of setting up meeting rooms, kitchen, server room, etc.);
  • how are utility services paid;
  • what are the parking options;
  • what is the surrounding infrastructure like;
  • as well as other important circumstances when choosing a rental offer for your new office.


Office premises according to the type of your company

When choosing new office premises, it is important to take into account the characteristics of your company and the needs of your employees. For example, if receiving customers or company guests is a daily part of your company, then when choosing an office lease offer, special attention should be paid to the location of the office and convenient access to the office building. The possibilities of your company's employees to get to their workplace should also be taken into account. In addition, the location of the office is often one of the factors evaluated by new employees when accepting a new job offer.


Conveniences that your new office will provide

Since a lot of time is spent in the office every day, when choosing an office leasing offer, evaluate what amenities will be provided to your employees. A modern office with all the necessary amenities, easy access to the office building, parking or bike storage, lounge rooms and other amenities will certainly motivate your existing employees, promote productivity and attract new talents. It is especially recommended to apply a workplace strategy during the setting up of the new office.

If you are looking for someone who leases office space in Riga, take a look at our current office leasing offers and find a modern and well-equipped home for your company!


Frequently asked questions

Here you can get answers to some of the frequently asked questions

If you are looking for office space for lease in Riga, contact Colliers experts, who will offer the most suitable solutions for your company and competitive commercial terms.

Colliers offers a variety of offices, including Class A offices, as well as other office spaces for lease in Riga, such as modern and well-equipped offices in the center of Riga or outside.

The office must be chosen taking into account both the location and access to the office building, as well as the surrounding infrastructure, office layout, technical condition of the office building, energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as other important factors for the successful operation of your business.

The term of the lease is often related to the investments made by the lessor to adapt the premises to the individual needs of the lessee. If ready-made premises are rented that do not require additional adaptation, the length of the lease agreement can be 2-3 years, while if the lessor individually adapts the premises to the needs of the tenant, then the term of the agreement is longer and can be from 3 to 5 and even 10 years.

Depending on the situation and the search criteria, the process of finding an office can take from a few weeks to several months. It should be remembered that you need to plan time for concluding the lease agreement and adjusting the office. We recommend that you start looking for an office early, doing the first market research already a year before the planned move.

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