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Landlord Representation

Attract the best tenants and buyers to your property

A commercial real estate lease or sale is often a landmark event for a company-representing a new office, new facility or new opportunity to generate business. We don't approach these landmarks simply as transactions, we see them as opportunities to further advance our clients' overall business goals, whether it's their first time dealing with a property asset or the management of a large portfolio.

Our landlord leasing team will help you to unlock your property’s potential by developing a deep understanding of your unique space and delivering expertise on the market. Our experts will position your property in a way that attracts and secures the right tenants for you. 


We will help you to:

  • identify competitive advantages and opportunities for improvement;
  • create a specific go-to-market strategy tailored to your business needs;
  • apply best-in-class marketing tools to segmented targets and generate strong interest and feedback from prospects.
  • close deals with potential clients, ensuring effective and productive negotiation process.

Frequently asked questions

Here you can get answers to some of the frequently asked questions

The services of representing the interests of real estate owners, investors and developers offered by Colliers provide full-cycle support regarding the identification of property development and realization potential, attraction of real estate tenants and buyers.

In order to ensure the highest level representation of clients' interests, Colliers experts, in cooperation with their cooperation partners, also provide legal assistance in matters of lease and sale or real estate management.

We choose to receive the services of representing the interests of owners, investors and developers in cases where, first of all, it is necessary to evaluate and develop proposals for a real estate development strategy based on the current market situation. Secondly, it is necessary to develop a business development strategy and, thirdly, to attract tenants and buyers.

By choosing the Colliers landlord representation services, the client receives an individual approach to his project, professional support in strategic planning, marketing, positioning, sales, as well as a very wide list of potential tenants/buyers with reliable and stable indicators. By choosing the Colliers representation service, you have the opportunity to minimize the time spent, while at the same time maximizing the achieved result.