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Land Services

Due diligence and representation of our clients

We specialize in representing purchasers or vendors in land investment transactions. Our role is to coordinate the due diligence process for our clients, represent them during negotiations, prepare market and financial analysis and feasibility study reports.

Our Core Offer Includes:

  • advise the client on the optimal land transaction strategy and anticipated pricing
  • prepare and structure the offering
  • conduct the marketing process
  • provide the Client with a complete analysis of offers and recommend a short list
  • coordinating due diligence and legal work to ensure a successful closing of the land deal


Representation in land sale and purchase transactions

Successful land sale and purchase investment transactions provide owners, investors, developers with a high return on their investments. In this process, it is important not only to find the most suitable plot of land in a strategically advantageous location, but also to study the investment object, assess its potential, develop development planning after the acquisition of the object and other important tasks that help to realize successful projects. No less important is familiarity with the nuances of the market, knowledge of the latest regulatory, environmental, transport and legal issues, which help to achieve the required results in the shortest possible time, as well as a wide range of contacts and cooperation partners. Colliers are industry leaders in real estate investment transactions, so you can be sure of the high quality of services and professional approach to work.

Land sales consulting

By cooperating with our land transaction consultants, who have specialized knowledge and long-term experience in land investment transactions, you will be able to successfully advance your projects according to your goals. Our approach is focused on cooperation and the application of our expert knowledge in closing deals. Working individually with each client, we develop strategies that maximize the value of your property while protecting and enhancing land value.

Land sales consulting for land for development of industrial buildings

Evaluating the potential of land purchase transactions

Buying land for project development is one of the most profitable investments in real estate. In the land purchase process, the potential of the land plot and its location are important, as well as other factors - whether the property has encumbrances, what are the building regulations in the specific land plot, the development of the surrounding infrastructure and construction, and a number of other criteria that are essential in the land purchase process. Colliers experts will provide professional consulting and representation services in assessing the potential of land plots, creating a land purchase strategy, concluding transactions and other services in the implementation of land purchase transactions.

Land sale for development land

Consultations in matters of land purchase, sale, and development

Looking to buy, sell or develop land? Colliers experts will provide professional advice on land issues, developing strategic guidance that can reduce risks and increase the return on your investment. There are many complex factors that affect the value of buying, selling or developing land, so the experience and market analysis of consultants becomes especially important to achieve investment goals. Whether you are an owner, investor or developer, Colliers real estate experts will help you determine how to best use your land to maximize your investment. Request a consultation now!

Frequently asked questions

Here you can get answers to some of the frequently asked questions

Land purchase investment transactions are carried out with the aim of making a profit in case of land sale, with the aim of building commercial property and selling or leasing it, as well as for private construction purposes.

Those who buy land, including investors and developers, need to consider the location of the plot and the potential of the property, which are key criteria in the land buying process. When buying land for the construction of commercial properties, accessibility to the object, traffic intensity and infrastructure development, as well as the development prospects of the surrounding area are important.

Regardless of the purposes for which land is being bought or sold, a detailed analysis, research and evaluation of the property is required. Need to know:

  • what land is for sale;
  • whether the plot of land has no encumbrances;
  • what is the purpose of use for the landplot;
  • what is the potential of the landplot;
  • what is the land sales VAT and other tax issues.

In order to get all the necessary information and support in buying and selling land, it is important to use the help of professional consultants to conclude a successful transaction.

Colliers provides advice and support in finding the most suitable investment object (landplots), as well as representation services when buying or selling land, for example, in Riga or its surroundings. We advise and provide support to owners in coordinating the land sale process.


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