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Industrial and Logistics Leasing

Find the right industrial and logistics premises for your business

Industrial and logistics premises, wheter its a warehouse or a whole production facility, are something more than just premises for the implementation of your business. It is your business. Leasing carefully selected industrial or logistics premises in the right place can increase the value of your brand, facilitate daily business operations, attract top talent and even significantly affect your business income.


Leasing  these facilities also means significant commitments of time and financial resources. We work with you to provide a competitive advantage to your commercial terms. We do this by combining our market knowledge with a deep understanding of your company's strategy to achieve your business goals.


Warehouse leasing for your business

A warehouse is a complex of premises where various types of goods or raw materials are stored, therefore leasing the most suitable warehouse is a strategically important service for every production or trading company. Since warehouses are different (they differ in terms of type, the implemented functions, the conditions of storage of goods or raw materials), it is necessary to find the most suitable warehouse premises for your business, which requires the involvement of industry experts. Colliers consultants, using their knowledge and professional experience, will help you find the most appropriate warehouse rental solutions for your business.

Leasing a warehouse for your company's needs

Leasing a warehouse and organizing logistics processes is a part of the operation of many companies, so it is especially important to find such warehouse premises that will correspond to the field of operation of your company, as well as provide all the conveniences for the implementation of warehouse operations. One of such conveniences is access to the object's building, therefore, when choosing the most suitable warehouse premises for your business, pay attention to the location of the warehouse, as well as access possibilities, for example, whether the object is accessible by private or public transport, what is the distance from the center of Riga or the ring road or other important infrastructure objects.

Criteria to pay attention to when leasing a warehouse

When choosing warehouse premises, you should pay attention not only to the area, location and access possibilities, but to a number of other criteria that will help you choose the most appropriate solution and successfully conclude a lease agreement.


If you are looking for warehouse rental offers, pay attention to:

  • For technical characteristics of warehouse premises: rack systems, number of ramps/gates, ceiling height and other technical indicators.
  • For the warehouse area: is it guarded, what is the equipment of the area?
  • For parking: how much space (number of parking spaces) is allocated for heavy or light cars?
  • For heating: are the storage rooms heated and what type of heating is used?
  • Office and utility space: Is there additional space in the warehouse space for office use or does the office need to be leased separately?
  • For commercial conditions: what is the management fee and is it included in the warehouse rent, is the property tax included in the management fee or is it paid separately, how are the utilities calculated?


In order to obtain all the necessary information about warehouse premises and commercial terms, you should contact knowledgeable experts who will help you evaluate the suitability of the particular facility for your company's needs.

Production premises for the operation and development of your business

Choosing industrial premises is a time-consuming process that also requires specific knowledge. Our experts will help you save your time resources by finding the most suitable premises for your production needs. When choosing production premises, you should pay attention to the location, area of the premises, ceiling height, floor load and other technical characteristics. Contact Colliers consultants to find out about industrial and logistics space rental options!

If you are looking for warehouses or production premises in Riga, take a look at our current offers for rental properties! We also offer office leasing and retail leasing services for companies.

Frequently asked questions

Here you can get answers to some of the frequently asked questions

Colliers offers warehouses for rent of various areas in Riga (80-10,602 m2) for storing goods and raw materials with competitive commercial terms. Take a look at the properties we offer in our properties section.

Current Colliers offering consists of industrial premises of up to 79,115 m2 in Riga with competitive commercial terms.

An industrial park is an area where manufacturing and other types of companies are located, which are connected to a common infrastructure and have mutual cooperation in production.

When choosing warehouse premises, you should take into account not only the area, but also the location, technical characteristics, commercial terms and other criteria, and Colliers experts can help to ensure compliance with the needs and requirements of your company.

When choosing warehouses and production facilities in Riga, one of the biggest advantages is easy access to objects and the availability of labor in various districts of Riga.

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