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Capital Markets Services

Make the most of your investments

Colliers International provides investment management services to the world’s most respected institutional investors, foundations, family offices and high-net-worth individuals seeking to generate superior returns and diversification through focused investments in real estate.
Whether it’s connecting your money with the right opportunities or introducing you to qualified buyers for your assets, we have the global relationships to help elevate the return on your investments. Your Colliers expert will partner with you to determine your optimal investment strategy, whether market conditions dictate that you should buy, sell, hold or refinance.
We will connect you with the people you need to know—owners, developers as well as local and institutional investors.

Thought-through investments in Latvia and the wider Baltics

We see beyond the bricks and mortar to analyze how property acquisition, ownership and disposition can accelerate the success of your financial portfolio. When the time is right for disposition, we provide a clear competitive analysis and transaction history of comparable assets to maximize the property’s momentum in the market.
We initiate the process by defining a tailored strategy to capture and validate every investment opportunity option and lead you through the due diligence process to ensure a successful conclusion.
Throughout your ownership of an asset, our skilled team of property managers and leasing experts can help elevate and maximize your property’s value. And when the appropriate investment cycle arrives, our investment services professionals will advise you on the best strategy to generate superior interest in your property and meet your investment objectives.


Our Services:

Colliers real estate investment experts offer full-cycle business investment consulting and investment management services:

  • Transaction consultancy
  • Buyer, vendor representation
  • Investment - properties tracking
  • Cash-flow predictions and evaluations
  • Identification of investment grade development opportunities
  • Attraction of financing and equity partners
  • Due diligence procedures
  • Preparation and distribution of materials for investors
  • Public and closed-tender/auction organization and administration

Investments in real estate

Investments in real estate continue to maintain leading positions in the rapidly growing long-term investment offer both in Latvia and in the world. Investing in real estate is not only backed by a physical asset, but also offers an attractive return on investment. In addition, real estate investments are a type of investment that is suitable for a wide range of investors and for very different investment purposes - increasing capital, protecting against inflation, building retirement capital, diversifying the investment portfolio, etc.

Investing in real estate, like any other type of investment, requires specific and in-depth knowledge of both the specific industry and the market. Purposeful and strategic investment of money in real estate under the guidance of experienced investment experts allows you to successfully generate profits in the real estate industry based on:

  • high return on investment;
  • yield security;
  • hedge against inflation.
Investment decision-making

Colliers real estate investment experts provide their clients with a full range of business investment consulting and investment management services, from evaluating investment returns to closing deals. Learn more about the investment services offered by Colliers by contacting our real estate investment experts!

Investment in Latvian and Baltic Market

Investments in Latvia – wide opportunities for local and international investors

The real estate market of the Baltic countries, especially Latvia, continues to offer ample opportunities for investment in real estate. The real estate market of Riga and other major cities of Latvia is still able to offer a wide selection of real estate investment objects for the implementation of various investors' business ideas. It is no less important that the wide opportunities for investments in Latvia are offered to both local and international investors for investments in logistics, production and industrial facilities, as well as for the purchase of offices, multi-apartment housing and land.

Investment in office buildings in Latvia

Real estate investment objects in Latvia

The offer of real estate investment objects in Latvia offers investors a wide range of investment opportunities. In order to achieve the set investment goals, it is important to be able to find the most suitable real estate, as well as to successfully conclude a transaction and find the most suitable solutions for further identification of investment development. Currently, the most relevant investment objects in Latvia among investors are:


  • office buildings;
  • apartment buildings;
  • land;
  • logistics and industrial facilities.


Taking into account economic and socio-political developments in Latvia and the world, as well as trends in the real estate market, the offer of real estate objects in Latvia provides wide investment opportunities for individuals, companies and funds. Colliers' team of investment experts will help you implement the most profitable real estate investment strategy by buying, selling or refinancing investment objects.


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9 Nov 2022

Colliers Investment team has helped to sell Place 11

Leading real estate manager in Central and Eastern Europe East Capital has acquired Place 11 business center located in Skanste area in Riga. Colliers represented the interests of the seller - Hanner group - in this transaction. The transaction volume is 53 mln EUR, which happens to be the largest commercial real estate transaction in Latvia this year up to now and the first prime property deal in Latvia since the start of the war in Ukraine.
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Frequently asked questions

Here you can get answers to some of the frequently asked questions

Colliers offers real estate advisory and investment management services. We provide consultations on objects and transactions, representing the interests of buyers and sellers, developing a strategy adapted to the object, as well as providing recommendations to investors.

Colliers experts have more than 20 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, helping to develop the best strategy to generate higher interest in the property and increase the return on investment of the property in addition to its value.

The most promising real estate investment objects in Latvia are office and commercial areas, industrial and warehouse facilities, as well as apartment buildings and construction land.